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Lower cost TO-220 style
Thin Film Power Resistors

This non-inductive design from Riedon offers superior performance in high-frequency and high-speed pulse applications

Riedon's PF2200 series offers Thin Film power resistors in a TO-220-style molded package used for both through-hole and surface mountings. The non-inductive design is well-suited for high-frequency electronics and high-speed pulse circuit applications, and the small size and thin profile of the resistors work well for high-density, compact installations.

The series is available in both 35 W and 50 W designs with resistances from 0.01 Ohms to 50 kOhms. Lower tolerances to +/- 0.1% and temperature coefficients down to +/- 5 ppm/°C are available through Riedon.
Riedon's TO-220

  • Power Supplies
  • Drive Circuits
  • Measurements
  • High-frequency Electronics
  • Motor Controls
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Components

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
696-1158-ND PF2203-0R01J1 PF2203 0.01 OHM 5% 250PPM Datasheet
696-1306-ND PF2203-0R025J1 PF2203 0.025 OHM 5% 250PPM
696-1159-ND PF2203-0R02J1 PF2203 0.02 OHM 5% 250PPM
696-1307-ND PF2203-0R033J1 PF2203 0.033 OHM 5% 250PPM
696-1160-ND PF2203-0R05J1 PF2203 0.05 OHM 5% 250PPM
696-1308-ND PF2203-0R075J1 PF2203 0.075 OHM 5% 250PPM
696-1161-ND PF2203-0R1F1 PF2203 0.1 OHM 1% 100PPM
696-1162-ND PF2203-0R2F1 PF2203 0.2 OHM 1% 100PPM
696-1163-ND PF2203-0R5F1 PF2203 0.5 OHM 1% 100PPM
696-1167-ND PF2203-100RF1 PF2203 100 OHM 1% 50PPM
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