Riedon Distributor

Low Profile, High Power Chip

This non-inductive design from Riedon offers superior performance in high frequency and high-speed pulse applications

Riedon's modern, high-power surface mount chips replace standard TO-126 (25 W) SMT packages with a PCB pad compatible chip only 1 mm (0.04”) thick, a decrease in thickness of over 75%. In addition to the size advantage, the PFC is over 25% less expensive than standard TO style SMT packages.

The back of the chip is metalized for excellent thermal dissipation to your PCB and/or heat sink. Wrap around terminations bring the connections to the top of the chip where a high quality, power film resistor resides.
Riedon's Low Profile, High Power Chip

  • Battery charger and management
  • Power electronics
  • Power consumption meters
  • Electronic load equipment
  • Automotive

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
696-1409-1-ND PFC10-10RF1 RES 10 OHM 10W 1% SMD Datasheet
696-1419-1-ND PFC10-50KF1 RES 50K OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1413-1-ND PFC10-20KF1 RES 20K OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1406-1-ND PFC10-0R2F1 RES 0.2 OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1417-1-ND PFC10-2RF1 RES 2 OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1417-1-ND PFC10-20RF1 RES 20 OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1407-1-ND PFC10-0R5F1 RES 0.5 OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1415-1-ND PFC10-25KF1 RES 25K OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1412-1-ND PFC10-200RF1 RES 200 OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1410-1-ND PFC10-1KF1 RES 1K OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1420-1-ND PFC10-50RF1 RES 50 OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1418-1-ND PFC10-500RF1 RES 500 OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1405-1-ND PFC10-0R1F1 RES 0.1 OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1416-1-ND PFC10-2KF1 RES 2K OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1408-1-ND PFC10-100RF1 RES 100 OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1421-1-ND PFC10-5KF1 RES 5K OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1411-1-ND PFC10-1RF1 RES 1 OHM 10W 1% SMD
696-1411-1-ND PFC10-5RF1 RES 5 OHM 10W 1% SMD
Available in Tape & Reel (-2-ND), Cut Tape (-1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (-6-ND)