RFM Distributor

WSN802G Series Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules

RFM's WSN802G Series, battery-powered, Wi-Fi, low-power 802.11b/g/n modules for wireless sensor networking

RFM's WSN802G Series Wi-Fi Transceiver ModulesRFM's WSN802G transceiver module is a low-cost, robust solution for 802.11g sensor networks. The WSN802G's very low sleep current makes long-life battery operation practical. The WSN802G module includes analog, digital, serial, and SPI I/O, providing the flexibility and versatility needed to serve a wide range of sensor network applications. The WSN802G module is easy to integrate and is compatible with standard 802.11b/g access points.

Just add a battery, antenna, and sensor to create a complete wireless sensor node.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g based module allowing easy integration to existing Wi-Fi access points
  • Multiple analog, digital, UART, and SPI interfaces with auto-reporting and sleep mode
  • WPA2 and 802.11x secure encryption to protect sensitive data sent wirelessly
  • Ready-to-use out of the box – no programming or external processor needed
  • Unformatted Serial to Wi-Fi data transmission
  • FCC, Canadian IC, and ETSI certified
  • Applications requiring direct connections and reporting of sensor data
  • SCADA for monitoring and control
  • Scoreboards and electronic signs
  • Industrial remote control
  • Energy management
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
583-1145-ND WSN802GP MODULE WLAN TXRX 802.11G 2.4GHZ Datasheet
583-1181-ND WSN802GPA RF MODULE TXRX 802.11G 2.4GHZ Datasheet
583-1203-ND WSN802GPA-E RF MODULE 802.11G 2.4GHZ Datasheet
583-1208-ND WSN802GAEDK-A DEV KIT FOR WSN802GPA-E Datasheet
583-1204-ND WSN802GP-E RF MODULE 802.11G 2.4GHZ Datasheet
583-1207-ND WSN802GEDK-A DEV KIT FOR WSN802GP-E Datasheet