Renesas RX Family Microcontrollers

The Renesas Promotional Kit (RPB) for RX62N has been designed to enable to user to quickly investigate the performance of the RX62N device family.

The RPB pack contains everything the user needs to install and get going within minutes of opening it, there is no need to download anything from the web!

The kit contains: RPBRX62N Board, software/documentation mini-CD, ethernet cable, USB cable and potentiometer shaft.

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Performance without Sacrifice

The RX architecture is future oriented and feature rich. It's driven by a Renesas technology roadmap that focuses on the global environment and anticipates the enormous gains in sophistication that microcontroller-based products are expected to achieve in the next 10 to 20 years. Thus, the RX family of microcontrollers (MCUs) delivers superior performance in terms of core processing performance, code efficiency, and power consumption. An extensive portfolio of on-chip mixed-signal peripherals is available, and fast 90nm Flash memory is embedded. That Flash unleashes full CPU performance, feeding instructions to the 32-bit RX CPU with no delays – no waits, no stalls – maintaining the MCU's peak performance of 165 DMIPS. Memory acceleration isn't required, and the result is just pure, predictable performance.

The Core Difference

These next generation microcontrollers based on the revolutionary RX CPU core enable a new class of MCUs blending the best traits of RISC and CISC MCU architectures while adding DSP and floating point math capability.

Renesas RX Family

This hybrid Digital Signal Controller approach meets the demands of today's embedded applications requiring high performance yet very low power consumption; the smallest possible code and data size; the lowest cost; and the need for digital signal processing.

Drawing from a rich heritage of existing CPU cores from the world's #1 MCU supplier, the RX CPU core design leads the industry for performance and capability in embedded MCUs. There are two compatible RX series to best match your needs starting with RX600 for extreme performance and connectivity, followed by RX200 for ultra-low power applications. Tools, firmware libraries, and documentation make it easy to migrate to RX from any other MCU platform, or to start a new RX design.

Superior Architecture

  • RX CPU Core with FPU and DSP: 165 DMIPS at 100MHz, 2.25 CoreMark™/MHz1
  • Enhanced Harvard architecture and 5-stage pipeline
  • More than six internal busses
  • Multiple Direct Memory Access control
  • Rapid interrupt response

Fast Flash

  • Industry's only 90nm 100 MHz embedded Flash
  • CPU receives instructions with no delays
  • Mature and reliable silicon process

Power Efficiency

  • 500µA/MHz, with all peripherals active
  • 1.4µA RTC Deep Standby (RX631/63N)
  • 1mW per DMIPS
  • Extends battery life in portable applications

Code Efficiency

  • Up to 28% code size savings2 compared to popular 32-bit RISC MCUs on the market
  • Variable-length CISC instructions
  • FPU, DSP and bit manipulation instructions

1: Source: as of Jan. 2011
2: Source: Renesas internal testing

RX Family Product Portfolio

The RX family currently consists of two extensive product series. MCUs in the RX600 series are optimized for applications requiring high-performance, high-efficiency processors. Devices in the RX200 series being introduced will expand the range of compatible system-design choices, adding smaller, lower power devices with fewer pins.

Migration from existing Renesas architectures to RX solutions is easy. And, of course, moving designs among RX family members is very easy, since RX600 and RX200 MCUs share the same CPU architecture and peripherals. This gives system engineers valuable design flexibility and provides substantial head starts on reusing software assets. New products for niche markets can be created quickly and efficiently, as can upgraded or simplified versions of existing products for addressing changes in customer preferences.

RX610 General Purpose
These groups come with a rich set of communication peripherals such as Ethernet MAC, USB 2.0 full-speed (Host, Device, and OTG), and CAN. They are also equipped with several DMA controllers including a dedicated External DMA controller which can be used to drive a TFT-LCD.

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RX62 & RX62N Connectivity
These groups come with a rich set of communication peripherals such as Ethernet MAC, USB 2.0 full-speed (Host, Device, and OTG), and CAN. They are also equipped with several DMA controllers including a dedicated External DMA controller which can be used to drive a TFT-LCD.

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RX62T Motor & Inverter Control
Optimized for motor control and inverter control applications, the RX62T devices include advanced PWM timers and advanced analog-to-digital converter sub-systems with six programmable op amps, six sample/hold circuits, and six window comparators. With one RX62T device, it is possible to drive two three phase motors at the same time.

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RX210 General Purpose
RX210 Flash MCUs bring new levels of capability and performance to ultra-low-power, low-voltage embedded-system applications. Based on the fast 32-bit RX CPU core, RX210 chips are the first members of the RX200 series of middle-range products.

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Comprehensive On-chip Peripherals

RX Peripherals

To save cost, simplify system designs, reduce total system power consumption, and enable the implementation of value-added features, a wide range of on-chip peripheral functions is clustered around the powerful CPU core of RX MCUs. Broadly categorized into analog, timer, communication and system functions, these numerous peripherals are proven designs delivering impressive performance. The many different types of RX MCUs offer diverse sets of functions, so chip capabilities and cost can be matched to application needs. The devices in the RX621/62N and RX62T product groups exemplify this diversity and optimization.

RX Peripherals

RX621/62N MCUs provide extensive communication peripherals with options for Ethernet, CAN, and up to two USB-FS 2.0 channels, each operating as USB Host, USB Device, or USB OTG (On the Go). Additionally, they offer up to six SCI, two SPI, and two I2C serial channels. Among their other peripherals are analog interfaces; timers; RTC and POR/LVD functions; and more.

RX62T MCUs provide improved motor/inverter control timers and enhanced analog peripherals for implementing very precise motor control and positioning applications. The MTU3 and GPT timer peripherals enable one MCU to control three motors simultaneously. An FPU and improved analog functions make these MCUs ideal for use with three-shunt or single-shunt vector-type motor control methods.

Get up and running with the RX Ecosystem

Renesas makes it easy to launch new system designs. And our comprehensive range of hardware and software tools – including very low cost and free products – helps swiftly advance the product development process from concept stage to final RX-based design.

System Development Kits

Renesas RX Starter Kit (RSK)
The Renesas Starter Kit (RSK) facilitates in-depth MCU experimentation and allows system design development.

This complete RX600-based hardware/software platform for in-depth application design includes the E1 Debugger, a trial version of the HEW IDE, and demonstration firmware.

Processor Part Number
RX610 R0K556100S000BE
RX62N R0K5562N0S000BE
RX62T R0K5562T0S000BE

Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK)
Renesas RX62N Demo Kit (RDK) aids familiarization with and evaluations of RX solutions

  • This board plugs into a PC's USB port to showcase the features and capabilities of RX600 MCUs
  • 96MHz RX62N MCU board with J-Link integrated debugger and huge peripheral set including
  • Ethernet, CAN and USB
  • Graphic display
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Audio in/out
  • Installation CD
  • Shared firmware projects at
Part Number

Solution Kits for RX

RX Direct-drive Solutions for TFT-LCD
A quick and easy solution to add color TFT-LCD to your design.

RX Direct-drive Solutions for TFT-LCD
  • Low-cost 32-bit MCU solution to drive color TFT-LCD panels up to WQVGA resolution
  • Only 5% loading on CPU when refreshing the TFT-LCD panel at 60Hz, with ample bandwidth left for running the rest of the application
  • Free graphics API library and examples for evaluating graphics
  • Third-party support for additional graphics requirement
Part Number


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