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AW-10 and AW-15 Sirens

PUI Audio, Inc. introduces sirens for audible applications 

PUI Audio's AW Series Sirens
PUI Audio, Inc. offers a unique selection of sirens for any audible application. The sirens allow users to have design flexibility and change tones after design stages are complete.

The parts are an ABS material and are IP65 or IP54 rated. Color options are red and white for the sirens. Models are available in 32-tone and 2-tone outputs, some with a volume control. Mounting options consist of panel, flange, and a base mount. The 32-tone sirens allow users select 32 different options on one siren. Through a simple dip switch on the back of the product the user can select different frequencies, pulse lengths, and tones. There is also a volume control option which allows customers to adjust a potentiometer to select their preferred level on some models. Tone ranges for the 32-tone sirens can produce sound from 83-102 dBA depending on the tone.

The two tone sirens offer continuous or pulsing tones at 106 dBA. Users can select the desired tone by choosing one of the two available wiring options.

  • Fire alarms
  • Warning / detection systems
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Automation systems
  • Warehouses
  • Medical equipment

AW-10 32-Tone Series
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
668-1248-ND AW-10FR SIREN 9-28VDC 32 TONE RED Datasheet
668-1251-ND AW-10PR SIREN 9-28VDC 32 TONE RED Datasheet
View AW-10 Series 32-Tone Chart
AW-10 2-Tone Series
668-1250-ND AW-10FW-NSVC SIREN 9-28VDC 2 TONE WHITE Datasheet
668-1252-ND AW-10PR-NSVC SIREN 9-28VDC 2 TONE RED Datasheet
668-1253-ND AW-10PW-NSVC SIREN 9-28VDC 2 TONE WHITE Datasheet
668-1249-ND AW-10FR-NSVC SIREN 9-28VDC 2 TONE RED Datasheet
AW-15 32-Tone Series
668-1254-ND AW-15SBR SIREN 9-28VDC 32 TONE RED Datasheet
668-1255-ND AW-15SBW SIREN 9-28VDC 32 TONE WHITE Datasheet
View AW-15 Series 32-Tone Chart