Phoenix Contact Distributor

M12 Series Stainless Receptacles

Phoenix Contact's M12 receptacles offer simple and flexible installation

Phoenix Contact's M12 receptacles offer stainless-steel signal and data-plug receptacles that are designed for use in food processing, bottling, dairy, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The M12 stainless receptacles guarantee dependable connections, and a high level of reliability. The product line offers simple and flexible installation. It not only withstands extreme temperatures, but also resists salts, acids, oils, and chemicals. The materials used are highly resistant to UV radiation and ozone. Phoenix Contact's M12 Series Stainless Receptacles

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
Front Mount Receptacles
Female to Wire Lead
277-8094-ND 1405242 CABLE 12 POS FEMALE/WIRES 500MM Datasheet
277-8075-ND 1405244 CABLE 17 POS FEMALE/WIRES 500MM Datasheet
277-8185-ND 1431429 CABLE 4 POS FEMALE/WIRES 500MM Datasheet
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Male to Wire Leads
277-8103-ND 1405221 CABLE 4 POS MALE/WIRES 500MM Datasheet
277-8115-ND 1405233 CABLE 4 POS MALE/WIRES 500MM Datasheet
277-8102-ND 1405238 CABLE 12 POS MALE/WIRES 500MM Datasheet
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Rear Mount Receptacle
Female to Wire Lead
277-8100-ND 1405240 CABLE 4 POS FEMALE/WIRES 500MM Datasheet
277-9797-ND 1554717 CABLE PNL MNT 5POS SKT-WIRE .5M Datasheet
277-9796-ND 1554720 CABLE PNL MNT 8POS SKT-WIRE .5M Datasheet
Male to Wire Leads
277-8101-ND 1405239 CABLE PNL MNT 4POS SKT-WIRE .5M Datasheet
277-9799-ND 1554681 PLUG 5POS W/0.5M TPE WIRE Datasheet
277-9798-ND 1554694 CABLE PNL MNT 8POS PLUG-WIRE .5M Datasheet
Rear Mount PCB Receptacle
277-9794-ND 1404979 CONN PLUG 4POS PNL MNT THRU PIN Datasheet
277-7273-ND 1554746 CONN PLUG 5POS PANEL MOUNT Datasheet
277-9795-ND 1529807 CONN 8POS PLUG SCREW MOUNT METAL Datasheet
277-8105-ND 1404974 CONN CIRC 4POS FMALE-WIRES 180MM Datasheet
277-8078-ND 1424071 CONN SOCKET 4POS PANEL MOUNT Datasheet
277-8077-ND 1554733 CONN SOCKET 5POS PANEL MOUNT Datasheet
277-8076-ND 1429797 CONN SOCKET 8POS PANEL MOUNT Datasheet
Stainless Steel Nut
277-8039-ND 1404983 JAM NUT 0.748" M6 10/PK Datasheet
277-8104-ND 1404984 JAM NUT 0.709" PG9 10/PK Datasheet