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Phoenix Contact HEAVYCON EVO

Phoenix Contact offers HEAVYCON EVO, the evolution in heavy-duty plug connectors

Phoenix Contact introduces HEAVYCON EVO, a true innovation in the established marketplace for heavy-duty rectangular plug connectors. This robust plastic connector system offers high reliability and durable construction even in applications with high impact and vibrations. Test results prove EVO offers improved structural integrity over the typical metal housings from the competition. Phoenix Contact's HEAVYCON EVO

Features and Benefits
  • Bayonet-locking cable gland
    • Direction of cable gland can be adjusted on-site. Adjustable glands reduce the number of housing variations by 70 percent, lowering stock costs.
  • Black-polyamide housing
    • UV, salt spray and corrosion-resistant for reliability in harsh indoor or outdoor applications. Flexible material prevents stress fractures or broken latches frequently caused by impact and vibration.
  • IP65 and UL 50e Type 4/4X/12
    • Achieves national and international enclosure standards for protection from condensation, icing, corrosion and contamination.
  • B-series standard footprint
    • Drop-in solution for pre-punched panels and existing metal housing applications; compatible with all B-series fixed and modular inserts.
  • Integrated PE connection
    • Saves space by eliminating the need for a dedicated PE module.

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
Housing, Hoods, & Bases
277-9904-ND 1407619 HEAVYCON EVO SLEEVE HOUSING Datasheet
277-9905-ND 1407620 HEAVYCON EVO SLEEVE HOUSING Datasheet
277-9906-ND 1407621 HEAVYCON EVO PANEL MOUNTING BASE Datasheet
277-9907-ND 1407622 HEAVYCON EVO PANEL MOUNTING BASE Datasheet
277-9910-ND 1407625 HEAVYCON EVO COUPLING HOUSING Datasheet
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Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
Cable Glands
277-9945-ND 1407669 CABLE GLAND 7-13MM Datasheet
277-9946-ND 1407670 CABLE GLAND 9-17MM Datasheet
277-9947-ND 1407671 CABLE GLAND 11-21MM Datasheet
277-9948-ND 1407672 CABLE GLAND 19-28MM Datasheet