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Propeller C3 Full Kit

The C3 is a true “Credit-Card–sized Computer”

Designed in cooperation with Nurve Networks LLC and André LaMothe, the Propeller C3 is the newest Propeller-based application platform from Parallax. The C3 is a true Credit-Card–sized Computer” that augments the Propeller chip with a number of onboard peripherals to facilitate large scale and complex applications. These include industrial control, monitoring systems, high-level languages, robotics, gaming, and more. The C3 was designed to be compatible with other Propeller-based development boards such as the Propeller Demo Board and the HYDRA, so porting applications is a snap. Additionally, the C3 uses a novel SPI bus design that allows all the onboard peripherals to be accessed with a single SPI bus (three signals) along with chip-select logic (two signals) that supports up to 8 devices in total. Thus, the IO impact of all the onboard peripherals is minimal. Datasheet
Parallax's Propeller C3 Full Kit

  • Multicore Propeller P8X32A-Q44 with 5.00 MHz socketed crystal to upgrade for over-clocking experiments
  • Supports USB or external wall adapter power sources
  • 2 x 16 headers exporting generous IO and system signals
  • (Four) Break-away mounting tabs, removable if not needed
  • RCA Video/Audio ports for NTSC/PAL composite video
  • Open source hardware & software design
  • Slick black and white industrial design
  • MicroSD card w/SPI interface
  • VGA port with multiplexing logic to reuse IO’s
  • (Two) Microchip 32K x 8 bit SPI SRAMs
  • PS/2 port for keyboard or mouse
  • 64 KB Propeller boot EEPROM holds boot image plus 32 KB extra for data
  • (Four) 3-wire servo port headers to directly drive servos from the Propeller
  • 2-channel Microchip MCP3202 SPI A/D converter with 12-bit resolution
  • Dual high-current 1.5 A, 3.3/5 V voltage regulators with heavy filtering
  • Ultra-compact credit-card–sized PCB footprint: 3 x 2.175 in (75.9 x 55.2 mm)
  • 1 MB SPI FLASH memory

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