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GX Series Inductive Prox Sensors

3-wire inductive proximity sensors from Panasonic with smaller available head diameters, in threaded or non-threaded styles

Panasonic's GX Series Inductive Prox SensorsThe Panasonic GX series of compact, inductive proximity sensors includes high-performance, easy-to-use solutions for your metal detection needs. It features a robust mounting area that has been improved to accept a higher tightening torque than that of conventional models. The series features a simple 3-wire DC hookup for quick integration.

In addition, the wiring is highly flexible so it is suitable for applications where repeated motion will occur. A bright, orange indicator at the base of the sensor provides the user with easy verification of the output status. A wide range of units is available from the ultra-thin GX-3S(B), just 3.8 mm in diameter, to the compact but long-range GX-8ML(B), with a 2 mm detecting distance. Datasheet

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
1110-1016-ND GX-12MLUB SENSOR PROX NC 6.4MM 12-24VDC
1110-1023-ND GX-12MU-C5 SENSOR PROX NO 2.4MM 12-24VDC
1110-1036-ND GX-30MUB SENSOR PROX NC 8MM 12-24VDC
1110-1067-ND GX-8MLB SENSOR PROX 1.6MM NPN 10-30VDC
1110-1279-ND GXL-15FUI-R SENSOR PROX NO 4MM 12-24VDC
1110-1292-ND GXL-15HLUIB-R SENSOR PROX NC 6.4MM 12-24VDC
1110-1306-ND GXL-8FUIB-C5 SENSOR PROX NC 1.8MM 12-24VDC
1110-1388-ND GX-F12A-R SENSOR PROX NPN 3.3MM 12-24VDC
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