1 Amp Constant-Current, Low Dropout Driver (LDD™)

CAT4101 Targets High-Power LED Lighting Applications

ON Semiconductor has expanded its line of constant-current, LDD™ (low dropout driver) products to include a new, simple-to-use, high-power device for architectural, landscape, automotive and general LED lighting products. The CAT4101 is a linear-based, constant-current LED driver, which drives long strings of LEDs and provides a high-current solution for a wide range of LED applications.

Since it is a linear-based LED driver, the CAT4101 does not require an inductor, eliminating noise, minimizing component count and simplifying design. The LED current is set via an external resistor connected to the RSET pin. The LED pin is compatible with high-voltages up to 25V. This enables the CAT4101 to drive long strings of up to 10 LEDs, adjustable to 1 amp.

Typical Application Circuit    Pin Diagram    Block Diagram    Datasheet

  • 1 amp constant-current LDD™ for high-power LED lighting offers a simple solution for automotive, architectural, landscape and general LED lighting applications
  • Accurate 1A current sink
  • Up to 25V operation on LED pin
  • Low dropout voltage drive: 500mV/1A
  • LED current set by external resistor
  • High resolution PWM dimming via EN/PWM
  • Instant-on PWM control mode
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • Packaging: 5-lead TO-263
  • High Power LED up to 1A
  • Architectural and general lighting
  • Automotive lighting

Manufacturer p/n Digi-Key p/n Packaging Package Current - Output/Channel # of
CAT4101TV-T75 CAT4101TV-T75TR-ND Tape on Reel TO-263-5 1A 1 PWM
Datasheet Image
CAT4101TV-T75CT-ND Cut Tape
CAT4101TV-T75DKR-ND Digi-Reel®