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SSOP relays from Omron are suited to a wide range of applications

The G3VM relays from Omron are offered in the industry standard SSOP, which is one of the industry's smallest packages. Available in 1 and 2-Pole configurations in a 4-SSOP package for high density mounting requirements. Options include high dielectric voltage, normally open contact forms, high voltage and current load handling, and high-speed switching. Relays are perfectly suited for automated test equipment, medical equipment, instrumentation, security equipment, automated meter reading, automotive diagnostic equipment, and communications.

Omron's G3VM MOSFET SSOP Relay
Load Voltages 20 V to 100 V (AC or DC)
Load Currents 80 mA to 900 mA (AC or DC)
Contact Forms 1 Form A
ON-Resistances (typ) 0.2 Ohms to 12 Ohms
OFF-State Capacitances (typ) 0.45 pF to 20 pF
Operating Times (max) 0.2 ms to 1.0 ms
Leakage Current (max) 200 pA to 1.0 μA

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Datasheet
Z2083-ND G3VM-351E RELAY SSR SPST 350V 120MA 6SMT Datasheet
Z3094-ND G3VM-21LR10 RELAY SSR SPST 200MA 4SSOP Datasheet
Z2950-ND G3VM-21LR11 RELAY SSR SPST .9A 4-SSOP Datasheet
Z2701-ND G3VM-41LR10 RELAY SSR SPST-NO 40V 4SSOP Datasheet
Z2700-ND G3VM-41LR11 RELAY SSR SPST-NO 40V 4SSOP Datasheet
Z3099-ND G3VM-61HR RELAY SSR SPST 60V 2.3A 6SOP Datasheet
Z2715-ND G3VM-61LR RELAY SSR SPST 60V 4SSOP Datasheet
Z2702-ND G3VM-81LR RELAY SSR SPST-NO 80V 4SSOP Datasheet
Z3096-ND G3VM-41HR RELAY SSR SPST 40V 2.5A 6SOP Datasheet
Z3093-ND G3VM-101HR RELAY SSR SPST 100V 1.4A 6SOP Datasheet