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SSL2115x Series of SSL Driver ICs

Compact, low-cost SSL driver solutions from NXP for flyback and buck

NXP Semiconductors' SSL21151 and SSL21153 Series of driver ICs are designed for non-dimmable 5 and 10 W LED lamps, and provide good current control in flyback and buck-boost configurations. The SSL2115x enables small form-factor LED drivers, using primary-side sensing to regulate current and offering integrated LED open/short protections, an internal 700 V MOSFET, and a circuit enabling start-up directly from the rectified mains voltage. With the use of an additional valley fill circuit, the SSL2115x series can offer a power factor of approximately 0.9. Datasheet

NXP's SSL2115x Series of SSL Driver ICs
  • Low-cost solutions for up to 10 W
  • Primary sensing without opto coupler
  • Option to connect PTC
  • Frequency jitter
  • Total solution fits in GU10 casing
  • Integrated 700 V MOSFET

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
568-9609-1-ND SSL21151T/1,118 IC DRIVER LED SSL 7SOIC
568-9610-1-ND SSL21153T/1,118 IC DRIVER LED SSL 7SOIC