TO220 with Trench 6 MOSFETs

NXP Semiconductors and Digi-Key introduce Trench 6 silicon with TO220 package

NXP Semiconductors TO220 with Trench 6 MOSFETsNXP Semiconductors' PSMN series of N-channel MOSFETs has been extended to include a range of 30V, 40V and 80V Trench 6 silicon devices in the TO220 package. The new range offers performance improvements in a wide variety of applications.

Trench 6 silicon technology provides NXP’s lowest RDS(ON) performance in a TO220 package with 1.4mΩ typical at Vgs=10 V (PSMN1R6-30PL). These parts are ideal for power OR-ing, motor control, DC-DC converters, PC silverbox power supplies and other demanding industrial applications.

Trench 6 also offers lower gate-charge (Qg) and low gate resistance (Rg) making the devices suitable for high-efficiency power management applications and higher switching frequencies.

The TO220 package delivers compact power in a through hole package. It provides superior thermal resistance when mounted to a heat-sink.


  • 1.4mΩ (1) 30V MOSFET in a TO220 package
  • Rated to 175°C
  • Rated for ID(MAX)=100A
  • Avalanche rated
  • ROHS compliant and halogen-free
  • Low thermal resistance

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N VDS RDS(ON) (typ)
Vgs=10 VmΩ
RDS(ON) (max)
Vgs=10 VmΩ
568-4893-5-ND PSMN8R0-40PS 40V 6.2 7.6 Datasheet
568-4894-5-ND PSMN5R0-80PS 80V 3.7 4.7 Datasheet
568-4895-5-ND PSMN4R5-40PS 40V 3.9 4.6 Datasheet
568-4896-5-ND PSMN4R4-80PS 80V 3.3 4.1 Datasheet
568-4897-5-ND PSMN4R3-30PL 30V 3.5 4.3 Datasheet
568-4898-5-ND PSMN2R2-40PS 40V 1.75 2.1 Datasheet
568-4899-5-ND PSMN2R0-30PL 30V 1.7 2.1 Datasheet
568-4900-5-ND PSMN1R6-30PL 30V 1.4 1.7 Datasheet
568-4901-5-ND PSMN050-80PS 80V 37 51 Datasheet
568-4902-5-ND PSMN012-80PS 80V 9 11 Datasheet

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