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NXP introduces small logic packages for handheld mobility

NXP's Logic Small PackageNXP Semiconductors introduces one of the smallest logic plastic packages measuring 0.9 x 1.0 x 0.35 mm with 0.3 mm pitch. The ultra-compact packaging design is ideal for leading-edge portable handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets and SD cards where chip and board space comes at a premium. The SOT1115 package decreases package size by 10% for the 6-pin version compared to the previous smallest package, SOT891, of which NXP has produced over one billion units. The 8-pin SOT1116 decreases the package size by 60%, compared to the previous smallest 8-pin package SOT833, enabling manufacturers to radically minimize their PCB size.

NXP has conducted studies of the mechanical failure modes of very small logic packages and determined that leadless plastic packages perform better in terms of mechanical adherence to the PCB. When compared against packages of the same footprint, NXP's leadless packages outperform leaded and leadless WCSP packages of similar size by requiring up to four times more force to dislodge. This is because NXP's leadless packages have a greater contact area with the PCB, giving them better mechanical performance and robustness.

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
568-6694-1-ND 74LVC2G34GN,132 IC BUFFER DUAL 3.3V 6XSON Datasheet
568-6695-1-ND 74AUP2G08GN,115 IC GATE AND DUAL 2INP 8XSON Datasheet
568-6696-1-ND 74AUP2G125GN,115 IC BUFF/DVR 3ST DUAL LP 8XSON Datasheet
568-6697-1-ND 74LVC2G125GN,115 IC BUS BUFF/DVR 3ST DUAL 8XSON Datasheet
568-6698-1-ND 74LVC1G125GN,132 IC BUS BUFF/DVR 3ST N-INV 6XSON Datasheet
568-6699-1-ND 74AUP1G07GN,132 IC BUFF OPN DRN N-INV LP 6XSON Datasheet
568-6700-1-ND 74LVC1G00GN,132 IC GATE NAND 2INP SGL 6XSON Datasheet
568-6701-1-ND 74LVC1G74GN,115 IC FLIP-FLOP D POS-EDGE 8XSON Datasheet
568-5210-1-ND 74LVC1G3157GN,132 IC MUX/DEMUX 2X1 6XSON Datasheet
Available in Tape & Reel (2-ND), Cut Tape (1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (6-ND)