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PCF8883 Capacitive Proximity Switch

NXP-Semiconductors and Digi-Key introduce a capacitive proximity switch with auto-calibration, large voltage operating range

PCF8883 Capacitive Proximity Switch
NXP-Semiconductors' integrated circuit PCF8883 is a capacitive proximity switch that uses a patented (EDISEN) digital method to detect a change in capacitance on a remote sensing plate. Changes in the static capacitance (as opposed to dynamic capacitance changes) are automatically compensated using continuous auto-calibration. Remote sensing plates (e.g. conductive foil) can be connected directly to the IC1 or remotely using a coaxial cable.
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  • Dynamic proximity switch
  • Digital processing method
  • Adjustable sensitivity, can be made very high
  • Adjustable response time
  • Wide input capacitance range (10pF to 60pF)
  • Automatic calibration
  • A large distance (several meters) between the sensing plate and the IC is possible
  • Open-drain output (P-type MOSFET, external load between pin and ground)
  • Designed for battery powered applications (IDD = 3 μA, typical)
  • Output configurable as push-button, toggle, or pulse
  • Wide voltage operating range (VDD = 3V to 9V)
  • Large temperature operating range (T = -40°C to 85°C)
  • Internal voltage regulator
  • Available in SOIC8


  • Proximity detection
  • Proximity sensing in mobile phones and portable entertainment units
  • Switch for medical applications
  • Switch for use in explosive environments
  • Vandal proof switches
  • Transportation: Switches in or under upholstery, leather, handles, mats, and glass
  • Buildings: switch in or under carpets, glass, or tiles
  • Sanitary applications: use of standard metal sanitary parts (e.g. tap) as switch
  • Hermetically sealed keys on a keyboard


PCF8883 Diagram PCF8883 Configuration Diagram

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Digi-Key P/N MFG P/N Voltage
Sensor Type Package/Case Datasheet
568-4933-1-ND PCF8883T/1,118 3 V ~ 9 V PNP Capacitive 8-SOIC (3.9mm Width) Datasheet
568-4958-ND OM11055 3 V ~ 9 V Capacitive Datasheet