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NUR460 Power Diode

Ultrafast epitaxial power diode designed to meet the needs of DCM, from NXP

NXP's NUR460 is an ultrafast epitaxial power diode in a DO-201AD hermetically sealed package. It is designed to meet the needs of Discontinuous Current Mode (DCM), and Power Factor Correction (PFC), in high frequency switched-mode power supplies.

The NUR460 process flow is designed to give a 300 μm thick epi-diode with solderable front metal suitable for assembly in DO-201A(SOD141) package at GoodArk sub-contractor. This is a new process flow for DJLN but solderable front metal has been used on devices manufactured at the Manchester Bipolar Wafer-fab some years earlier. The basis of the process flow was the glass passivated BYV25-600 and all trials used this mask set and settings from the standard process flow where possible. It is assembled in Suzhou Goodark’s Axial lead product line.

NXP's NUR460 Power Diode
  • Fast switching
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • Soft recovery characteristic
  • High frequency switched-mode power supplies
  • Discontinuous current mode (DCM) power factor correction

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Packaging Description  
568-6882-3-ND NUR460,133 Tape & Box (TB) DIODE HI SPEED SWITCHING SOD141 Datasheet
568-6882-1-ND Cut Tape (CT)