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JenNet-IP Evaluation Kit

Evaluation kit for the JenNet-IP wireless IPv6 based network solution from NXP

NXP Semiconductors' JenNet-IP Evaluation KitNXP Semiconductors' JenNet-IP is a wireless IPv6 based network solution driving the “Internet of Things”. Based on the well-established IEEE 802.15.4 2.45 GHz low power radio technology, it adds the self-healing JenNet tree networking stack, the IETF 6LoWPAN IP layer and “JIP”, and a powerful and flexible application layer enabling interoperability between devices.

It is initially targeted at Lighting and Home Automation systems where it is rapidly becoming established as the system of choice, with provisions for many different types of devices, all connecting to the same wireless network. With this solution, every device in the home can have its own IPv6 address, turning the home into a simple extension of the internet and enabling new and exciting innovations to be created in home controls and energy management. The JenNet-IP-EK040 evaluation kit provides all the components needed to allow developers to create these new applications.

Applications Features
  • Domestic Lighting control
  • Home Automation:
    • Heating and ventilation control
    • Energy management
    • Access control
    • Blind and window control
  • Commercial and Outdoor lighting
  • Security Systems
  • Complete SDK and JenNet-IP network stack
  • IP connectivity to all wireless nodes
  • Robust self-healing JenNet-IP stack for quick and easy development
  • Unrestricted development environment – no license fee
  • Rapid application development and demonstration

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