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ACM20 Series AC Power Meters

ACM20 series AC power meters from Murata Power Solutions display the most critical measurements in mains-powered equipment

ACM20 Series AC Power MetersMurata Power Solutions' ACM20 series AC power meters display the most critical measurements in mains-powered equipment. These measurements include voltage, amperage, active power (watts), and power factor. A front panel selector-switch provides two modes of operation, a fixed reading of any of the four parameters and a continuous cycling through all four measurements. An optional model displays line frequency with 0.1Hz resolution. All ACM20 multi-function power meters include built-in current transformers—no other user-supplied components are required. ACM20 series AC power meters are available in a choice of three input ranges, including 0A to 10A (with 0.001A resolution, 999.9W max.), 0A to 32A (with 0.01A resolution, 9999W max.), and 0A to 100A (0.1A resolution, 26.4kW max.).

An 85VAC to 264VAC (47Hz to 63Hz) operating supply range makes these power meters perfect for worldwide power monitoring applications. Additionally, unlike conventional, average-responding products, ACM20 power meters can accurately display the real power and true-rms current values of triangle waves, square waves, and other irregularly shaped waveforms with a typical accuracy of ±1% of full scale. Their large (0.36"/9.2mm), bright red LED displays make ACM20 AC power meters easily readable from as far as 15 feet (5m). All units are packaged in one-piece, vibration resistant, polycarbonate housing that can be installed in vertical ‘0U’ and ‘1U’ rack spaces. Their miniature size is perfect for UPS power sources, power strips, laboratory instrumentation, alternative energy applications, and other products that require precise monitoring of AC power. Datasheet

  • One-piece polycarbonate housing fits ‘0U’ and ‘1U’ racks
  • Displays AC volts, amps, watts, and power factor or hertz
  • Universal 85-264VAC (47-63Hz) operating range
    (measurement category II)
  • Built-in current transformers simplify installation; choice of 10A, 32A, or 100A ranges
  • True-rms readings of complex voltage and current waveforms
  • Two display modes: continuous auto cycling and fixed
  • Ideal for power distribution units (PDUs) and power strips
  • Approvals to UL/CSA/IEC/EN 61010-1
  • Low-power consumption: less than ¼ watt from 120VAC
  • Surface mount design occupies minimal panel space
  • Bright red LED-display with four annunciators
  • Optional frequency reading models (0.1Hz resolution)

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ACM20 Series

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