Murata Electronics Distributor

SyNode™ SN8200 Wi-Fi Controller Module

Low-power embedded wireless from Murata to address the connectivity demand

Murata Electronics' SyNode™ SN8200 Wi-Fi Controller ModuleThe Murata Electronics SN8200 is a complete, low-power embedded wireless to address the connectivity demand in M2M applications. It integrates micro-controller, Wi-Fi BB/MAC/RF IC, RF front-end, flash memory, clocks, and on-board antenna into a small form-factor module. A host device can control the SN8200 through a serial interface. It can also serve as a standalone Wi-Fi station or network controller. Thus, it enables wireless connectivity to the simplest existing sensor products with minimal engineering resources.

The SN8200 provides standard IEEE802.11 b/g/n functions. The integrated MCU supports Broadcom WICED™ software. It fits a variety of different applications, such as wireless sensor node, serial port to Wi-Fi transceiver, Wi-Fi network controller, Wi-Fi gateway/bridges, as well as internet servers.

When used in a system that SN8200 is controlled by a host CPU, the serial port host interface makes it very easy to integrate. When used standalone, the integrated ARM® Cortex™-M3 still provides enough power to run a variety of applications. The SN8200 Wi-Fi module, combined with SN3020 ZigBee module, forms a ZigBee/Wi-Fi gateway. SyChip provides a complete reference design to enable the OEM customer. This software is compatible with the ZigBee Alliance Gateway Specification. This gateway design can be used for low cost and low power consumption applications such as Home Area Networks.

  • 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n radio technology
  • Wi-Fi chipset: Broadcom BCM43362
  • MCU: STM32 ARM Cortex-M3
  • Dimension: 30.5 mm x 19.4 mm x 2.9 mm
  • Two antenna configurations: On-board antenna
  • Transmit power: +17 dBm @b mode/11 Mbps
  • Sensor applications support: ADC, DAC, I²C, GPIO
  • Max receive sensitivity: -96 dbm
  • Diverse serial interface: UART, SPI
  • Operating from -30°C to 85°C
  • RoHS compliant
  • MSL level 3
  • FCC/IC certified; CE compliant
  • P/N 88-00151-00

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Packaging Description  
490-5884-2-ND 88-00151-00 Tape & Reel WI-FI NETWORK CONTROLLER MODULE Datasheet
490-5884-1-ND Cut Tape
490-5884-6-ND Digi-Reel®
490-5866-ND 88-00151-95 - WI-FI NETWORK MODULE EVK Datasheet