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Microcoaxial Cable Assemblies

Molex's microcoaxial to microcoaxial ultra-small, low-profile, RF cable assemblies designed to meet slim equipment requirements

Molex Microcoaxial Cable AssembliesMolex's microcoaxial to microcoaxial cable assemblies are ultra-small, low-profile (0.81 mm, 1.13 mm, 1.32 mm, 1.37 mm diameter) RF cable assemblies compatible with microcoaxial connectors and designed to meet slim equipment requirements. Molex offers these cable assemblies in 3", 6", 9", 12" cable lengths with frequencies of up to 6 GHz and an impedance of 50 Ohms.
  • Low profile
  • Up to 6 GHz - ideal for wireless and GPS applications
  • Variable cable assemblies - 0.8 mm, 1.13 mm, and 1.32 mm
  • Computer connections
  • Computing systems
  • Communications
  • Gaming devices
  • Mobile phones
  • Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi devices
  • WiMAX, WiMAX boxes
Digi-Key P/N Molex P/N Description Gender
0.81 mm cable
WM9559-ND 0731160065 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL .81MM 3" Female to Female
WM9560-ND 0731160066 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL .81MM 6" Female to Female
WM9561-ND 0731160067 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL .81MM 9" Female to Female
WM9562-ND 0731160068 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL .81MM 12" Female to Female
WM9563-ND 0731160074 MICROCOAXIAL PREPPED PRETINNED .81MM 3" Female to Cable
WM9564-ND 0731160075 MICROCOAXIAL PREPPED PRETINNED .81MM 6" Female to Cable
WM9565-ND 0731160076 MICROCOAXIAL PREPPED PRETINNED .81MM 9" Female to Cable
WM9566-ND 0731160077 MICROCOAXIAL PREPPED PRETINNED .81MM 12" Female to Cable
1.13 mm cable
WM9567-ND 0731160004 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL 1.13MM 3" Female to Female
WM9568-ND 0731160005 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL 1.13MM 6" Female to Female
WM9569-ND 0731160006 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL 1.13MM 9" Female to Female
WM9570-ND 0731160007 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL 1.13MM 12" Female to Female
WM9571-ND 0731160014 MICROCOAXIAL PREP PRETINNED 1.13MM 3" Female to Cable
WM9572-ND 0731160015 MICROCOAXIAL PREP PRETINNED 1.13MM 6" Female to Cable
WM9573-ND 0731160016 MICROCOAXIAL PREP PRETINNED 1.13MM 9" Female to Cable
WM9574-ND 0731160017 MICROCOAXIAL PREP PRETINNED 1.13MM 12" Female to Cable
1.32 mm cable
WM9575-ND 0731160034 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL 1.32MM 3" Female to Female
WM9576-ND 0731160035 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL 1.32MM 6" Female to Female
WM9577-ND 0731160036 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL 1.32MM 9" Female to Female
WM9578-ND 0731160037 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL 1.32MM 12" Female to Female
WM9579-ND 0731160024 MICROCOAXIAL PREP PRETINNED 1.32MM 3" Female to Cable
WM9580-ND 0731160025 MICROCOAXIAL PREP PRETINNED 1.32MM 6" Female to Cable
WM9581-ND 0731160026 MICROCOAXIAL PREP PRETINNED 1.32MM 9" Female to Cable
WM9582-ND 0731160027 MICROCOAXIAL PREP PRETINNED 1.32MM 12" Female to Cable
1.37 mm cable
WM9583-ND 0731160044 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL 1.37MM 3" Female to Female
WM9584-ND 0731160045 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL 1.37MM 6" Female to Female
WM9585-ND 0731160046 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL 1.37MM 9" Female to Female
WM9586-ND 0731160047 MICROCOAXIAL TO MICROCOAXIAL 1.37MM 12" Female to Female
WM9587-ND 0731160054 MICROCOAXIAL PREP PRETINNED 1.37MM 3" Female to Cable
WM9588-ND 0731160055 MICROCOAXIAL PREP PRETINNED 1.37MM 6" Female to Cable
WM9589-ND 0731160056 MICROCOAXIAL PREP PRETINNED 1.37MM 9" Female to Cable
WM9590-ND 0731160057 MICROCOAXIAL PREP PRETINNED 1.37MM 12" Female to Cable

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