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Stac64 Single, Multi-Pocket and Hybrid Header System

Molex introduces a stackable connection system that provides single- and multi-pocket PCB solutions, offers a diverse range of circuit sizes, and greatly reduces time-to-market

Molex's Stac64To address the growing electronic device requirements within today's vehicles, Molex has developed a modular 0.64, 1.50, and 2.80 mm terminal-header system. The Stac64 connection system allows OEM and device manufacturers greater design flexibility to support both low-level signal requirements, as well as power applications up to 30.0 A. The Stac64 system allows automotive manufacturers to use header assemblies as stand-alone components, as well as gang multiple headers together to support a large range of signal and power needs for devices and modules.

The standard product line based on the 0.64 mm pitch terminal includes 8-, 12-, 16-, and 20-circuit connectors in both vertical and right-angle headers, supporting low-level signal requirements. In addition, 10- and 14-circuit power-pocket versions, supporting power applications for 1.50 and 2.80 mm pitch terminal systems, are available in vertical and right-angle configurations. This Stac64 is a standard product system based on USCAR-2 Class II mechanical- and electrical-performance characteristics for unsealed connector applications. The connectors mate to existing wire-harness connectors designed to the USCAR/EWCAP industry footprints.

The Stac64 standard-product offering is tooled at high-cavitation and is fully validated at the single-pocket level. This greatly reduces time-to-market by eliminating the need for additional tooling. Bio-plastic Stac64-e, the automotive industry’s first renewable, plant-based resin connector, provides an alternative to traditional petroleum-based connectors while offering equivalent performance and quality characteristics of the proven Stac64 connection system. Bio-plastic resin connectors address increasing demands for environmentally-preferable solutions for automotive applications. The Stac64-e connection system has received UL Environment ECV certification for containing 71% bio-based organic-carbon content.

  • Stackable connection system of readily available PCB headers
  • Reduced time-to-market with engineering and validation times reduced significantly
  • The header and receptacle housings are molded in standard USCAR color schemes for additional polarizations
  • No tooling necessary to produce custom multi-bay headers
  • Pre-assembled, linear Mylar PC tail-alignment strip for right-angle headers
  • Matches harness connector color-coding scheme for visual aid in assembly
  • Modular-housing design with standard dovetail features molded into the housings
  • Applied assembly labor and cost savings
  • PCB alignment posts
  • Allows headers to be ganged together in large assemblies to meet growing terminal quantity requirements
  • PCB standoffs molded into housings
  • Ensure all terminals are properly aligned into PCB board through-holes during assembly
  • Retain header to PCB during assembly and solder processing
  • High-temperature thermoplastic housing
  • Withstand infra-red (IR) and wave lead-free solder processing per SMES-152 Molex specification
  • Pre-assembled TPA-to-receptacle housing shipped as single assembly
  • Reduces PCB packaging complexity and provides space savings

  • Automotive
    • Door-Zone Modules
    • Interior Lighting and Navigation
    • Navigation Systems
    • Power Seat Modules
    • Radios/DVD - Entertainment
  • Commercial Vehicle
    • Interior Electronic Modules

Rectangular Connector Housings
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
WM9304-ND 0347290080 CONN RCPT 8POS R/A BLACK POL A Datasheet
WM7401-ND 0314081080 CONN RCPT 8POS 18-22AWG BLACK
WM9858-ND 0349690140 CONN RCPT 14POS BLACK POL A
WM9303-ND 0347290200 CONN RCPT 20POS R/A BLACK POL A

Rectangular Connector Headers Male
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
WM6285-ND 0346910080 CONN HEADER 8POS .100 R/A BLACK Datasheet
WM9857-ND 0347730140 CONN HEADER 14POS R/A BLK POL A
WM9799-ND 0346910160 2.54MM RA HDR 16POS BLACK
WM6284-ND 0346900200 CONN HEADER 20POS .100 VERT BLK
WM9832-ND 0346910200 2.54MM RA HDR 20POS BLACK
WM9848-ND 0346910201 2.54MM RA HDR 20POS GRAY