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SMA RF Connectors

SMA connectors from Molex ensure high mechanical strength and durability

Molex SMA Connectors are high-performance subminiature connectors for microwave frequencies. The threaded coupling insures uniform contact of the outer conductors, which enables the SMA to minimize reflections and attenuation at higher frequencies while providing a high degree of mechanical strength and durability. Molex offers SMA connectors in brass, beryllium copper, and stainless steel materials. Molex has a wide range of designs including high-performance, optimized SMA connectors, operating to 27 GHz.

Molex's SMA RF Connectors
  • Ideal for wireless and GPS applications
  • Non-magnetic versions available
  • Suitable for medical applications
  • Space-saving vertical mating
  • Threaded coupling
  • Subminiature design

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
WM5389-ND 0733860840 CONN ADPT SSMCX JACK-SMA PLUG Datasheet
WM5383-ND 0732510410 CONN RCPT 50 OHM SMA FLANGE STR Datasheet
WM4282-ND 0732511851 CONN SMA JACK PANEL MT FLANGE Datasheet
WM5536-ND 73251-2120 CONN JACK SMA 50 OHM EDGE MOUNT Datasheet
WM5390-ND 0733910040 CONN RCPT 50 OHM SMA PANEL 4HOLE Datasheet
WM6152-ND 89761-6800 CBL MMCX JACK/SMA PLUG 6" RG178 Datasheet
WM6156-ND 89761-6811 CBL MMCX PLUG/SMA JACK 12" RG316 Datasheet
WM6145-ND 89761-6772 CABLE SMA JACK/MCX R/A 18" RG316 Datasheet
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