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Molex offers a broad range of RF connectors, adapters, and cable assemblies

Molex is at the forefront of today’s RF technologies, providing a broad range of RF connector interface types covering frequencies from DC to 50 GHz. From connectors and adaptors to cable assemblies, jumpers and lightning arrestors, Molex offers complete RF, microwave, and coax connector design solutions.

RF connectors are used in a multitude of industries including wireless networking, cellular base stations, and telecommunications. Other applications include satellite radio, medical, military, industrial and automotive electronics.

Standard RF Connector Interface
Molex provides all series, styles, and configurations of RF connectors including ultra-miniature, micro-miniature, sub-miniature, miniature, medium and large configurations.

RF Cable Assemblies
Molex’s RF cable assemblies offer standard, traditional configurations along with custom, ganged, and bundled assembly solutions. Cable types include standard RG cable, semi-rigid, conformable and micro coaxial cables.
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