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Molex 0.30 mm Etched-Copper Polyimide jumpers

The Molex Premo-Flex™ 0.30 mm pitch polyimide jumpers achieve tight tolerances for reliable connections. These standard jumpers, terminated to Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) FFC connectors, provide great design flexibility as an ultra-flexible interconnect solution for adjoining PC boards. With the 0.12 mm cable thickness, PCB space can be maximized for reduced package-sized applications. Using a polyimide substrate and etched-copper technology, Molex can achieve the tight tolerance required for compact applications such as digital cameras and handheld devices such as smart phones, tablet computers, and compact medical equipment.
Molex's Premo-Flex™

  • Etched-copper polyimide circuitry
  • Polyimide substrate
  • Available in 8 circuit sizes and 5 standard lengths
  • Cable termination thickness 0.12 mm
  • Rated up to +105°C
  • ZIF ensures simple assembly process
  • Terminates to Molex FPC connector series 502598
  • Achieves tight tolerances required for reliable connections with 0.30 mm-pitch microminiature FPC connectors
  • High-temperature insulation material
  • Off-the-shelf solutions and flexible design options
  • Compatible with Molex 0.30 mm Pitch Easy-On™ BackFlip™ FPC Connector, series 502598
  • Meets industry-standard requirements
  • Ideal for microminiature electrical connections between PCB’s, display boards
  • 502598 series is a Core Micro Product; guaranteed minimum 10 year life-cycle Etched-Copper Polyimide Circuitry

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
WM6670-ND 0150150423 CABLE FLAT FLEX 23POS .30MM 4" Datasheet
WM6669-ND 0150150427 CABLE FLAT FLEX 27POS .30MM 4" Datasheet
WM6668-ND 0150150433 CABLE FLAT FLEX 33POS .30MM 4" Datasheet
WM6667-ND 0150150425 CABLE FLAT FLEX 25POS .30MM 4" Datasheet

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