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Modular Jacks and Plugs

Molex has a wide variety of Jacks and Plugs for many applications

Molex's Modular Jacks and PlugsMolex's broad range of Modular Jacks and Plugs, with more than 1000 different parts, provides versatile solutions to meet today's increasing demand for information flow with greater bandwidth requirements. The extensive breadth of products offer exceptional performance and reliability for voice, data and high-speed networking applications and are the ideal solution for consumer, office, medical, commercial, and industrial applications.

Molex offers jacks in a variety of styles and configurations, including right-angle, top-entry, bottom-entry, through-hole and SMT, as well as shielded and unshielded options, using gold or high durability palladium-nickel plating. Modular jacks with integrated magnetics that support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and specialized, along with sealed jacks and plugs for harsh environments, help to ensure that Molex can meet the market's diverse design needs.

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
Magnetic Modular Jacks
WM3245-ND 0428788408 MODJACK .062 CLIP 8/8POS VERT Datasheet
WM3277-ND 0445600024 CONN MOD JACK 8-8 R/A 4 PORTS Datasheet
WM6375-ND 480250091 CONN MOD JACK 8-8 W/MAG & LED Datasheet
Right-Angle Modular Jacks
WM5439-ND 43202-4101 CONN MODULAR JACK 4-4 R/A UNSHLD Datasheet
WM5442-ND 43202-6101 CONN MODULAR JACK 6-6 R/A UNSHLD Datasheet
WM5573-ND 95501-6449 CONN MODULAR JACK 4-4 RT ANG SMD Datasheet
Vertical and Bottom-Entry Modular Jacks
WM5565-ND 42410-8312 CONN MOD JACK 8/8POS VERT GOLD Datasheet
WM5566-ND 42410-8314 CONN MOD JACK 8/8POS VERT GOLD Datasheet
WM4590-ND 85508-5001 CONN MOD JACK 8POS T/H HI SPEED Datasheet
Modular Plugs
WM6583-ND 90075-0141 CONN MOD PLUG 8-8 FCC 68 SHORT Datasheet
WM4638-ND 449150021 CONN MOD PLUG 8-8 CAT6 SHIELDED Datasheet
WM17489-ND 84700-0002 CONN PLUG ETHERNET INDUSTRAL 8/8 Datasheet
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