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MMCX Microminiature RF Connectors

MMCX compact, lightweight connectors from Molex provide reliable electronic performance

Molex's MMCX 50 Ohm, micro-miniature compact and lightweight connectors are designed for densely populated electronic packages with size and weight limitations. The mechanical stability is maintained via a snap-on interface that uses no slotting in the outer conductor. MMCX connectors are also designed to function in applications operating to 6 GHz, and offer similar electrical performance to much larger coaxial connector types. Typical applications include wireless/PCS devices, telecommunications, GPS receivers, and consumer electronics. For medical MRI applications, non-magnetic versions are available.

Molex's MMCX Microminiature RF Connectors
  • Ideal for wireless and GPS applications
  • Allows for use in space-critical applications
  • Frequency range DC to 6 GHz
  • Reduces installation time
  • Micro-miniature design
  • Snap-on coupling

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
WM5550-ND 0734150961 CONN JACK MMCX 50 OHM EDGE MOUNT Datasheet
WM3914CT-ND 0734152063 CONN JACK MMCX SMD 50 OHM Datasheet
WM5560-ND 73415-2061 CONN JACK MMCX STR 50 OHM SMD Datasheet
WM5557-ND 0734151471 CONN JACK MMCX STR PCB Datasheet
WM5393-ND 0734152121 CONN PLUG 50 OHM MMCX STR PCB Datasheet
WM5552-ND 0734151001 CONN JACK MMCX R/A 50 OHM PCB Datasheet
WM5551-ND 73415-0971 CONN PLUG MMCX STR RG178/196 Datasheet
WM5561-ND 73415-2161 CONN PLUG MMCX R/A SR086 50 OHM Datasheet
WM5555-ND 73415-1251 CONN PLUG MMCX STR RG316 50 OHM Datasheet
WM5549-ND 73415-0951 CONN PLUG MMCX R/A RG178/196 Datasheet
WM5554-ND 73415-1121 CONN PLUG MMCX R/A RG316 50 OHM Datasheet
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