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Metric Ring Terminals

High-quality, seamless-barrel metric ring terminals from Molex

Molex high quality, seamless-barrel metric ring terminals allow for optimum fit and maximum electrical performance when crimping with metric screws or threaded posts, widely used in solderless wiring applications.

The high quality, metric-size solderless ring terminals feature insulated Avikrimp™ and un-insulated VersaKrimp™ seamless barrel types. The terminals provide maximum electrical performance for metric crimps using studs up to 10 mm in diameter and wire size up to 6 mm². Terminals meet UL requirements only when used with Molex recommended tooling. However, terminals may be crimped with a variety of industry-standard tooling. Datasheet
Molex's Metric Ring Terminals

Industrial Automotive aftermarket Consumer
  • Electrical panels
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Terminal blocks
  • Wiring harnesses
  • After-market audio or video
  • Appliances / white goods
  • Consumer electronics / brown goods

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
WM9606-ND 0193240002 CONN RING TERM #5 INSUL
WM9616-ND 0193240012 CONN RING TERM #8 INSUL
WM9619-ND 0193240015 CONN RING TERM #5/16" INSUL
WM9625-ND 0193230005 CONN RING TERM #10 UN-INSUL
WM9629-ND 0193230009 CONN RING TERM #5 UN-INSUL
WM9631-ND 0193230011 CONN RING TERM #5/16" UN-INSUL
WM9634-ND 0193230014 CONN RING TERM #1/4" UN-INSUL
WM9636-ND 0193230016 CONN RING TERM #M10 UN-INSUL
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