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High Definition Multimedia Interface Connectors

Connectors from Molex for the industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video HDMI and Micro HDMI interface

Molex's High Definition Multimedia Interface ConnectorsMolex's HDMI connector and cable assemblies deliver the highest quality, high-definition content by providing an uncompressed digital connection from any audio/video source to an audio and/or video monitor over a single cable. Whether interfacing a set-top box, DVD player, or A/V receiver to an HDTV, the interconnect user is assured of the highest home-theatre quality. The single interface of the Molex HDMI connector makes it economical and easy to use. It combines both video and multi-channel audio into a single-port connection, eliminating the cost, complexity, and confusion of multiple cables used currently in A/V systems.

This de facto standard digital interface for HD and the consumer electronics market supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, along with multi-channel digital audio on a single cable, and is continually evolving to meet the needs of the market. Products implementing new versions of the HDMI specification will continue to be fully backward-compatible with earlier HDMI products.

  • Compact and user-friendly design
  • Carries uncompressed audio and video in a single cable
  • Protects solder joints and provides additional grounding
  • Meets consumer equipment needs
  • Low impedance mismatch
  • Fully-shielded connector
  • 5 Gbps
  • EMI/RFI protection
  • Mounting flange
  • Triad signal layout
  • HDMI to DVI cables
  • DVI backward compatible

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
WM1286-ND 0687860007 CONN CABLE ADT A-D AWG32 0.2M Datasheet
WM1284-ND 0687860002 CONN CABLE ASSY A-D 34AWG 1.5M Datasheet
WM1283-ND 0687860003 CONN CABLE ASSY A-D 32AWG 2M Datasheet
WM19091-ND 88768-9810 CABLE ASSEM HDMI-HDMI 19POS 2M Datasheet
WM8625-ND 0887689820 CABLE ASSY HDMI-HDMI 19POS 3M -
WM19083-ND 88768-9800 CABLE ASSEM HDMI-HDMI 19POS 1M Datasheet
WM8624-ND 0887683520 CABLE ASSY HDMI-DVI 19POS 3M -
WM19090-ND 88768-3510 CABLE ASSEM HDMI-DVI 19POS 2M Datasheet
WM8468-ND 76650-0143 KIT MULTI HDMI DVI USB Datasheet
WM1280CT-ND 0467652001 CONN RCPT HDMI MICRO TYPE-D R/A Datasheet
WM1282CT-ND 0467651001 CONN RCPT HDMI MICRO TYPE-D R/A Datasheet
WM1281CT-ND 0467650001 CONN RCPT HDMI MICRO TYPE-D R/A Datasheet
WM4890-ND 0472660001 CONN RCPT 19POS HDMI RT ANG SMD Datasheet
WM19084CT-ND 5002541927 CONN RCPT 19POS HDMI RT ANG SMD Datasheet
WM19089-ND 47151-1002 CONN RCPT 19POS HDMI RT ANG SMD Datasheet
WM19085-ND 500254-1931 CONN RCPT 19POS HDMI RT ANG SMD Datasheet
WM19087-ND 0471510002 CONN RCPT 19POS HDMI RT ANG SMD Datasheet
WM19088CT-ND 0471511001 CONN RCPT 19POS HDMI RT ANG SMD Datasheet

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