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EXTreme Guardian™
Power Connector System

Molex's EXTreme Guardian™ power connector system has an 11 mm pitch with 80 A per blade

Molex's EXTreme Guardian™ Power Connector SystemMolex's EXTreme Guardian™ header and cable assemblies, previously named EXTreme Power™ Interconnect (EPIC), feature small package sizes with a centerline pitch of 11 mm. The system supports up to 80 A per contact, provides good shielding characteristics in EMI-sensitive environments, and features hot-plugging capabilities and UL safety features.

Headers are available in 2-circuit, single-flanged and 3-circuit, dual-flanged versions. Cable assemblies are available in 3-circuit, straight, shielded and unshielded versions for high-voltage applications and are UL touch-safe. Additionally, the 2-circuit cabled solutions include a straight, unshielded cable assembly; a right- angled, right-entry and left-entry unshielded version, as well as a left-entry shielded variant for space-saving connections to servers installed in confined spaces.

Features Applications
  • High-current density per inch
  • Redundant contact design handles up to 600 V
  • Small centerline spacing of 11 mm
  • Recessed terminals, First-Mate-Last-Break (FMLB)
  • Electric vehicles
  • UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)
  • High-end servers
  • Cellular-base stations

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
WM8751CT-ND 0468190011 HIGH POWER TERM 60A 10AWG .76UM Datasheet
WM8752CT-ND 0468190012 HIGH POWER TERM 60A 8AWG .76UM
WM8753CT-ND 0468190013 HIGH POWER TERM 60A 6AWG .76UM
WM8754-ND 0468171000 3 CIRC PWR PLUG ASSB 3.86MM
WM8755-ND 0468171002 2 CIRC PWR PLUG ASSB 3.86MM