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Coaxial and Flat Ribbon Cables

Molex - Temp Flex offers specialty wire and cables like Coaxial and Flat Ribbon cables

Molex - Temp-Flex is a manufacturer of specialty wire and cable and invests heavily in research and development to provide technological solutions to the Medical, Aerospace, Military, Computer, Electronics, Test and Measurement, and Industrial markets. Processing equipment and tooling are fabricated in our fully-equipped machine and fabrication shops to ensure product consistency. Our extrusion process predominantly uses fluoropolymer insulation, with a concentration on thin walls for the medical industry and faster speeds for the electronics industry. Temp-Flex products are typically used in markets with extreme conditions and harsh environments. Molex - Temp Flex's Coaxial and Flat Ribbon Cables

Coaxial Cables - Consistent manufacturing processes are used to maintain tight mechanical tolerances yielding extremely consistent electrical performance of our Flexible RF, Flexible Microwave, Low Inductance and Coaxial Ribbon Cable. Low loss, flexible microwave cables utilize our patented monofilament technology proven to enhance performance at high frequencies. They are designed to be flexible yet rugged while maintaining consistent electrical performance.

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
MTF1026-5-ND 141SC-1901 19AWG LOW LOSS FLX MCRWV 5' Datasheet
MTF1021-5-ND 50CX-42 CBL 26AWG FEP 50 OHM COAX 5' Datasheet
MTF1024-5-ND 047SC-2901 29AWG LOW LOSS FLX MCRWV 5' Datasheet
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Flat Ribbon Cables - High temp, high flex, abrasion resistant cables use chemically inert insulation material. The low dielectric FEP material is extruded creating electrical performance advantages.

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
MTF1000-100-ND F2807S-6-050-55 CABLE 28AWG 6 COND 100FT Datasheet
MTF1002-100-ND F2807S-15-050-55 CABLE 28AWG 15 COND 100FT Datasheet
MTF1013-100-ND F3007S-30-025-85 CABLE 30AWG 30 COND 100FT Datasheet
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