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CMC Hybrid Connectors

CMC sealed, hybrid, modular connectors and headers from Molex

Molex's CMC Hybrid ConnectorsThe Molex family of CMC Hybrid Connectors provides a sealed, high-density, modular and cost-effective connection system for heavy-duty power train and body-electronics applications in the transportation industry.

The CMC connector family from Molex is a sealed, high-density connection system developed for the transportation industry. It is designed to perform in high-conductivity applications and in harsh environments. CMC connection systems are used in power-train applications including engine control units (ECU’s), compartment applications, gearboxes, electronic parking brakes, and suspension controllers, together with body electronics applications in automotive and commercial vehicles. Standard CMC hybrid connectors come in two different terminal sizes: CP 0.635 and CP 1.50 mm. Power CMC hybrid connectors are offered in three different terminal sizes: CP0.635, CP 1.50 and CP 2.80 mm.

The 32-circuit, wire-to-wire extension allows for the adoption of a complete CMC connection system throughout the entire vehicle. Harness makers need utilize only one female connector and maintain only one terminal system for both their wire-to-board and wire-to-wire applications. Production and purchasing processes are simplified, reducing overall costs.

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
WM6348-ND 0643251023 CONN CMC BLIND PLUG 1.5MM Datasheet
WM3655-ND 0986551001 CMC WR CAP PA 48CKT Datasheet
WM3999CT-ND 0643231039 TERM TIN FEMALE CRIMP 14-16AWG Datasheet
WM3457CT-ND 0643231029 TERM FEMALE 1.5MM CMC CP Datasheet
WM4430-ND 5007620481 CMC HEADER ASSY 48CKT Datasheet
WM4529-ND 0643330100 CONN HDR 112POS R/A 3-POCKET CMC Datasheet
WM4247-ND 0643191216 CMC RCPT 32CKT L BLUE MAT SEAL Datasheet
WM4252-ND 0643203311 CMC RCPT 48CKT R BLK MAT SEAL Datasheet
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