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Brad® Mini-Change® Connectors

High-performance Brad Mini-Change connectors feature gold-over-nickel plating for a longer-lasting solution

Molex's Brad® Mini-Change® ConnectorsThe Brad® Mini-Change® connector family from Molex is the standard by which all miniature connectors are measured. Brad pioneered the market for miniature connectors, presenting the first quick-disconnect alternative to hardwiring. The Mini-Change connector was first introduced in 1968. Today, Molex Brad connectors continue to be the recognized leader for quality and durability in design widest selection of miniature connectors on the market.

The Brad Mini-Change connector family from Molex is designed with a variety of configurations and advanced features to meet numerous connector requirements. Connectors and receptacles are available in 2- through 12- and 19-pole configurations, straight or 90°, epoxy-coated stainless-steel or nylon hardware, and more. High-performance Brad Mini-Change connectors feature gold-over-nickel-plating for a longer-lasting solution. Only Brad Mini-Change Connectors are designed with an epoxy-coated coupling nut, providing a minimum of 500 hours of corrosion resistance.

With the Mini-Change connector products, wiring will never be easier to install or maintain. To ensure optimal connectivity and a low-resistance connection, the Quad Beam™ female contact maintains constant pressure on the male pin. The moisture-resistant design and sealed construction provides IP67 protection. An anti-vibration feature prevents the coupler from loosening, even under extreme conditions. In addition, Molex's Brad Mini-Change connector products continue to evolve, so there will never be a better selection or choice than the Brad Mini-Change connectors from Molex.

  • Patented, Quad Beam™ socket contact with stainless-steel sleeve maintains consistent pressure on the male pin to ensure optimum conductivity
  • Gold-over-nickel-plated contacts are high performance, long-lasting plating that maintains low resistance through many mate /unmate cycles
  • Molded key indicator makes it easy to locate key and mate connector quickly
  • Integral strain relief provides 100 pounds minimum cable strain relief
  • Sealed to an IP67, NEMA 6P rating provides protection against the entry of water during submersion at a limited depth

  • Fractional H.P. motors
  • Industrial heaters
  • Industrial refrigeration systems
  • Lighting
  • Limit switches
  • Linear position transducers
  • Load cells
  • Commercial and industrial LED light displays
  • Float switches on commercial sump pumps
  • Power connector to street-light accessories
  • Pumps
  • Solar panels
  • Solenoid operated valves

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
WM4777-ND 1300060728 CORDSET FEMALE 6' 16/4 PVC Datasheet
WM4864-ND 1300060162 CORDSET 2POS MALE 12' 16/2 PVC Datasheet
WM4865-ND 1300060221 CORDSET FEMALE 6' 16/3 PVC Datasheet
WM4866-ND 1300060237 CORDSET FEMALE 15' 16/3 PVC Datasheet
WM4867-ND 1300060426 CORDSET FEMALE 6' R/A 16/3 PVC Datasheet
WM6190-ND 1300060099 CABLE ASSY SGL-END FML 2POS Datasheet
WM8715-ND 1300060905 CORDSET FEMALE 12' R/A 16/4 PVC Datasheet
WM9099-ND 1300060430 CORDSET FEMALE 12' R/A 16/3 PVC Datasheet
WM4873-ND 1300170011 CONN 3POS MALE PIN EXT THRED STR Datasheet
WM6161-ND 1300170004 CONN 3P FEM SCKT INT THREAD STR Datasheet
WM6368-ND 1300170015 CONN SOCKET 4POS INT THREAD STR Datasheet
WM6369-ND 1300170023 CONN SOCKET 5POS INT THREAD STR Datasheet
WM6370-ND 1300170029 CONN MALE PINS 5POS EXT THRD STR Datasheet