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Aero-Motive® Positioners

The Aero-Motive Positioner supports light-duty assembly tools in work areas to eliminate clutter, reduce repetitive motion, and minimize operator fatigue

Molex Aero-Motive® Positioners offer a fast, easy-to-use, tension adjustment and cost effective method to support assembly tools for manufacturing. Positioners support tool weight ranges from 0.5 to 4.5 kg (1 to 10 lbs.) with a cable travel distance of 1.4 m (4.7'). This positioner supports tools in a work area to eliminate clutter, reduce repetitive motion, minimize operator fatigue, and hold the object in a desired position for light-duty use.

Aero-Motive® positioners use an adjustable friction brake to place and hold an object in any position to support the weight of the suspended tool or object. The object can be moved downward with very little effort, depending on the adjustment; however, the full weight of the object must be lifted to move it upward.
Molex's Aero-Motive® Positioners

Features Applications
  • Holds an object or tool in desired position
  • Easy tension adjustment
  • Minimizes operator fatigue
  • Automotive plants
  • Manufacturing/assembly plants
  • Workstations

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
WM4838-ND 1301710028 TOOL BALANCER 15.9-20.5KG 2M Datasheet
WM5496-ND 1301730036 RETRACTOR BALANCER 0.0-2LB 6.6' Datasheet
WM6639-ND 1301700015 BALANCER ASSY 9-13LB 6.6' Datasheet
WM6640-ND 1301720199 BALANCER 40-55LB/18-25KG - 7' -
WM6641-ND 1301720241 BALANCER 68-86LB/31-39KG - 7' -
WM6642-ND 1301730048 RETRACTOR BALANCER 2-4LBS 6.6' Datasheet
WM6643-ND 1301730055 RETRACTOR BALANCER 4-6LB 6.6' Datasheet
WM9256-ND 1301700023 BALANCER ASSY 6-9LB 6.6' Datasheet