Mill-Max Distributor

815 and 817 Series Connectors

Surface mount, ultra-low profile spring-loaded connectors from Mill-Max

Mill-Max presents modular contacts for use on .100” grid, available in a height of .100” and supplied in single- and double-row contact strips. Precision-machined piston / base and gold plated components assure a 1,000,000 min. cycle life. Pistons have a .012” mid. stroke and a .024” max. stroke. Low resistance, high current contacts are rated at 2 amps continuous, 3 amps peak. High temperature thermoplastic insulators are suitable for surface mount processes. 815 and 817 series contact strips are designed for placement onto a Ø .082” solder pad prior to reflow soldering. Mill-Max's 815 and 817 Series Connectors


Materials Mechanical Electrical
Contact piston and base: Machined copper alloy plated 20μ” gold over 100μ” nickel Coplanarity of .005” (single row up to 10 pins; double row up to 20 pins) Current rating: 2 A (continuous), 3 A (peak) per contact
Voltage rating: 100 Vrms/150 Vdc
Spring: Beryllium copper plated 10μ” gold Spring force at mid stroke: 60 grams Contact resistance: 20 mΩ max.
Durability: 1,000,000 cycles min. Insulation resistance: 10,000 MΩ min.
Insulator: High temperature thermoplastic, UL94 V-0 rated Spring force at initial height: 25 grams Dielectric strength: 700 Vrms min.
Capacitance: 1 pF max.

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
ED1131-72-ND 817-22-072-30-001101 ULTRA LOW PROFILE SLC DOUBLE ROW Datasheet
ED1232-ND 815-22-032-30-001101 ULTRA LOW PROFILE SLC SINGLE ROW