PIC32MX1XX/2XX 32-bit MCUs

Microchip's 32-bit MCUs (up to 128 KB Flash and 32 KB SRAM) with audio and graphics interfaces, USB, and advanced analog

Microchip PIC32MX1XX/2XX 32-bit MCUs Microchip's PIC32 “MX1” and “MX2” MCUs are the smallest and lowest-cost PIC32 microcontrollers, and are the first PIC32s to feature dedicated audio and capacitive-sensing peripherals. These MCUs include a host of additional useful features that make them suitable for applications in the consumer, industrial, medical and automotive markets.

Rated for operation up to 105°C, the PIC32 MX1 and MX2 MCUs include up to 128 KB of Flash, and 32 KB of SRAM; two I²S interfaces for audio processing; Microchip’s Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) peripheral for adding mTouch™ capacitive touch buttons or advanced sensors; and an 8-bit Parallel Master Port (PMP) interface for graphics or external memory.   PIC32MX1XX/2XX Datasheet

  • 40 MHz, 32-bit RISC CPU with less than 0.5 mA/MHz current consumption
  • Two I²S/SPI modules for codec and serial communications
  • Peripheral pin select (PPS) functionality
  • Parallel master port (PMP) for graphics interfaces
  • USB 2.0-compliant full-speed device/host/OTG (PIC32MX2)
  • Charge time measurement unit (CTMU) :
    • Supports mTouch™ capacitive touch buttons and sliders
    • Provides high-resolution time measurement (1 ns)
    • On-chip temperature measurement capability
  • Temperature range -40°C to 105°C

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Microchip Part Numbers
     PIC32MX1 series      PIC32MX2 series

Starter Kit
Part Number
Part Number
DM320013 DM320013-ND MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC32MX1XX/2XX DM320013 User's Guide
DM330013-2 DM330013-2-ND Starter Kit for Microstick II -

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