AR1100 mTouch™ USB Controller

Microchip AR1100 mTouch™ USB Controller

Microchip's mTouch™ analog resistive USB touch-screen controller

Building upon the AR1000 Analog Resistive Touch-Screen Controller series, Microchip's AR1100 controller is a high-performance, USB plug-and-play device that offers advanced calibration capabilities as a USB mouse or single-input digitizer. The new controller is available as a turnkey chip or board product, supporting all 4-, 5-, and 8-wire touch screens, with free drivers for most major operating systems. The AR1100 is an ideal solution for customers who want a drop-in touch controller to universally support their entire standard resistive-touch portfolio.   AR1100 Datasheet

  • Power-saving sleep mode
  • Industrial temperature range
  • Built in drift compensation algorithm
  • 128 bytes of user EEPROM
  • Touch modes: off, stream, down, up, and more.
  • Touch sensor support: 4-, 5-, and 8-wire analog resistive
  • Touch resolution: 10-bit resolution maximum

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Part Number
Part Number
Voltage - Supply Package  
AR1100-I/MQ AR1100-I/MQ-ND 3.3 V ~ 5 V 20-VQFN exposed pad AR1100 Datasheet
AR1100-I/SS AR1100-I/SS-ND 20-SSOP (0.209", 5.30mm width)
AR1100-I/SO AR1100-I/SO-ND 20-SOIC (0.295", 7.50mm width)

Development Kits
Part Number
Part Number
AR1100BRD AR1100BRD-ND The AR1100BRD Touch Screen Controller Board supports large displays like industrial controls, self-service kiosks, and POS terminals, as well as smaller tablet displays, handheld consumer devices, and medical devices. AR1100BRD User's Guide
DV102012 DV102012-ND Kit includes the AR1000 development board, a 7” four-wire resistive touch screen, a PICkit™ Serial Analyzer and all necessary interface cables, as well as a CD containing technical documentation and all necessary software. The CD also includes an easy-to-use AR1000 configuration utility, which has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that enables designers to test all user-configurable options with the AR1000 controllers. AR1000 User's Guide

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