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MIC28304 High Density Power Module

Micrel’s highly integrated power module solution simplifies your design process

Micrel's MIC28304 High Density Power ModuleMicrel’s MIC28304 is a synchronous step-down regulator module, featuring a unique adaptive ON-time control architecture. The module incorporates a DC-DC controller, power MOSFETs, input capacitor bootstrap diode, bootstrap capacitor, and an inductor in a single package. The MIC28304 operates over an input supply range from 4.5 V to 70 V and can supply up to 3 A of output current. The output voltage is adjustable down to 0.8 V with a guaranteed accuracy of ±1%. The device operates with programmable switching frequency from 200 kHz to 600 kHz.

Micrel’s HyperLight Load® and Hyper Speed Control™ architecture provides high-efficiency and ultra-fast transient response under medium to heavy loads, while HyperLight Load® architecture provides added benefit in maintaining high efficiency under light load conditions.

The MIC28304 ensures protection of the IC during fault conditions by implementing various safety features that are critical to system reliability. These features include under-voltage lockout to ensure proper operation under spurious input voltage; soft-start to reduce inrush current; foldback current limit; “hiccup” mode short-circuit protection; and thermal shutdown.

  • Integrated DC-DC controller, power MOSFETs, bootstrap diode, bootstrap capacitor, and inductor
  • Up to 3 A output current
  • Wide VIN input voltage rage of 4.5-70 V
  • Low radiated emission (EMI) meets EN55022, Class B
  • Hyperlight Load™ / Hyper Speed Control™ architecture
  • 200 kHz - 600 kHz, programmable switching frequency

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
576-4759-1-ND MIC28304-1YMP TR IC BUCK SYNC ADJ 3A 64QFN Datasheet
576-4760-1-ND MIC28304-2YMP TR IC BUCK SYNC ADJ 3A 64QFN