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KSZ8864RMN Ethernet Switches

Integrated 4-Port 10/100 managed switch with two MACs MII or RMII interfaces

Micrel's KSZ8864RMN is a highly-integrated, Layer 2 managed 4-port switch with optimized design, plentiful features, and an extremely small package design. It is designed for cost-sensitive 10/100Mbps 4-port switch systems and features on-chip termination, low-power consumption, and a small package to save system cost. It has 1.4 Gbps high-performance memory bandwidth, and shared memory-based switch fabric with full non-blocking configuration.

  • SOHO Residential Gateway
  • Broadband Gateway / Firewall / VPN
  • Integrated DSL / Cable Modem
  • Wireless LAN access point + gateway
  • Standalone 10/100 switch
Micrel's KSZ8864RMN Ethernet Switches

  • Advanced switch features
    • Layer 2 managed 4-port 10/100Mbps switch with static MAC table and VLAN ID tag/untag options
    • Dual MII/RMII with MAC 3 SW3-MII/RMII and MAC 4 SW4-MII/RMII interfaces
    • IPv4/IPv6 QoS support
  • Comprehensive configuration register access
    • Serial management interface (MDC/MDIO) to all PHYs registers and SMI interface (MDC/MDIO) to all registers
    • High-speed SPI (up to 25 MHz) and I²C master Interface to all internal registers
  • QoS/CoS packet prioritization support
  • Switch Monitoring Features
    • MIB counters for fully-compliant statistics gathering 34 MIB counters per port
    • Loop-back support for MAC, PHY and remote diagnostic of failure
  • Low-power dissipation
    • Full-chip hardware power-down
    • Full-chip software power-down and per port software power down
    • Energy-detect mode support <0.1 W full-chip power consumption when all ports have no activity
    • Very-low full-chip power consumption (<0.3 W), without extra power consumption on transformers

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