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KSZ8851 — Second Generation Single-Port Ethernet Controller

The KSZ8851 is a single-port embedded controller chip with 8/16/32-bit and SPI host interfaces. The device is pin compatible with Micrel's KSZ8841 and KSZ8842 product families.

The KSZ8851 integrates a Fast Ethernet MAC/PHY with an 8/16/32-bit generic host processor interface and SPI interface. The device has 18KB of internal buffer memory shared between the RXQ and TXQ. The buffer memory on the receive queue is 12KB, while the buffer memory for the transmit queue is 6KB.

The KSZ8851 is designed with flexibility in mind. The device is designed using a low-power CMOS process which features programmable IO options of 1.8/2.5/3.3V.

The KSZ8851 supports cable diagnostics feature LinkMD® and Hewlett Packard (HP) Auto-MDIX. The LinkMD® feature determines the length of the cabling plant and also ascertains if there is an open or short condition in the cable. Hewlett Packard (HP) Auto-MDIX features eliminate the need to differentiate between straight or crossover cables.

The KSZ8851 is designed to be fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3 standards. It is also available in industrial grade version.
Micrel image
Micrel Image
  • Flexible 8/16/32-bit generic host processor interface or SPI interface
    • KSZ8851MQL is pin compatible with existing KSZ8841MQL and KSZ8842MQL family
  • Best of class Performance:
    80Mbps or higher
    • Fast and simple Host Read or Write access cycle at 50 nS to any I/O registers and TX(6KB)/RX(12KB) FIFO Buffers with slave DMA operation
    • Enables 4x HD video streaming @Home
  • Supports TCP/UDP/ICMP/IPv4/IPv6 checksum generation and checking

  • Low power consumption with enhanced power management
    • Low power CMOS process with programmable IO options (1.8v/2.5v/3.3v)
    • Automatically wake-up from low power state to normal power state or go-sleep from normal power state to low power state, depending on the presence of carrier (signal energy)
  • Industrial Temperature support

  • Reference Design With TI (OMAP), ADI, And Freescale Processors

  • RoHS Compliant Datasheet
    Block Diagram
  • Video Distribution Systems
  • High-end Cable, Satellite,
    and IP set-top boxes
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Video over IP
  • Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA)
  • Industrial Control in Latency
    Critical Applications
  • Motion Control
  • Security and Surveillance Cameras

  • Digi-Key P/N
    Micrel P/N
    Interface Type
    KSZ8851 SNL

    KSZ8851 SNL-EVAL
    32-Pin MLF
    (QFN per JDEC)
    (5mm x 5mm)
    10/100BT with SPI Interface
    (4 wires interface)
    SNLI: S for SPI, N for QFN,
    L for LDO included and
    I for Industrial temperature
    SPI: Serial Peripheral Interface
    KSZ8851-16 MLL

    KSZ8851-16 MLL-EVAL
    48-Pin LQFP
    (7mm x 7mm)
    10/100BT with 8 or
    16-bit Non-PCI Interface
    (Shared Data bus)
    MLLI: M for Managed, L for LQFP,
    L for LDO included and
    I for Industrial temperature
    (8 or 16-bit Interface only)
    KSZ8851-16 MQL
    128-Pin PQFP
    (14mm x 20mm)
    10/100BT with 8 or
    16-bit Non-PCI Interface
    (Parallel Data & Addr)
    MQLI: M for Managed,
    Q for PQFP, L for LDO included
    and I for Industrial temperature
    (8 or 16-bit Interface only)