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MAX8671X PMIC with Integrated Charger

PMIC from Maxim with integrated charger and smart power selector

Maxim's MAX8671X PMIC with Integrated ChargerThe Maxim MAX8671X integrated power-management IC (PMIC) is ideal for use in portable media players and other handheld devices. In addition to five regulated output voltages, the MAX8671X integrates a 1-cell lithium ion (Li+) or lithium polymer (Li-Poly) charger and Smart Power Selector™ with dual (AC-to-DC adapter and USB) power inputs. The dual-input Smart Power Selector supports end products with dual or single power connectors. All power switches for charging and switching the system load between battery and external power are included on-chip. No external MOSFETs are required.

Maxim's Smart Power Selector makes the best use of limited USB or AC-to-DC adapter power. Battery charge current and input current limits are independently set. Input power not used by the system charges the battery. Charge current and DC current limits are programmable up to 1 A, while USB input current can be set to 100 mA or 500 mA. Automatic input selection switches the system load from battery to external power. Other features include overvoltage protection, charge status and fault outputs, power-OK monitors, charge timer, and battery thermistor monitor. In addition, on-chip thermal limiting reduces battery charge rate to prevent charger overheating.

Features Applications
  • 16 V-tolerant USB and DC inputs
  • Automatically powers from external power or battery
  • Operates with no battery present
  • Single-cell Li+/Li-Poly charger
  • Three 2 MHz Step-Down Regulators
  • Up to 96% Efficiency
  • Two low IQ linear regulators
  • Output power-up sequencing
  • Thermal-overload protection
  • Digital still cameras
  • Digital video cameras
  • GPS/portable navigation devices
  • MP3 players/portable media players
  • Portable audio players
  • Smartphones/PDAs/PDA phones

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