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MAX2991 Analog Front-End Transceiver

Maxim's MAX2991 delivers high integration and superb performance

Maxim's MAX2991 Analog Front-End TransceiverMaxim's MAX2991 power-line communication analog front-end (AFE) is a state-of-the-art integrated circuit that delivers high integration and superb performance, while reducing the total system cost. It is the first AFE specifically designed for OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) modulated signal transmission over power lines.

The MAX2991 transceiver provides two main paths: transmit (Tx) path and receive (Rx) path. The transmit path injects an OFDM modulated signal into the AC or DC line. The transmit path is composed of a digital IIR filter, digital-to-analog converter (DAC), followed by a lowpass filter, and a preline driver. The receiver path is for the signal enhancement, filtering, and digitization of the received signal. The receiver is composed of a lowpass and a highpass filter, a two-stage automatic gain control (AGC), and an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The integrated AGC maximizes the dynamic range of the signal up to 60 dB, while the lowpass filter removes any out-of-band noise, and selects the desired frequency band. The ADC converts the enhanced and amplified input signal to a digital format. An integrated offset cancellation loop minimizes the DC offset.

The MAX2991, along with the MAX2990 PLC baseband modem, delivers the most cost-effective data communication solution over power-line networks in the market. The MAX2991 is specified over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range and is available in a 48-pin LQFP package.

  • Optimized to operate with the MAX2990 PLC baseband
  • Integrated band select filter, AGC, and 10-Bit ADC for Rx path
  • Variable sampling rate up to 1.2Msps
  • Programmable filters operate in the CENELEC, FCC, and ARIB frequency bands
  • Integrated wave-shaping filter, programmable predriver gain, and 10-Bit DAC for Tx path
  • Single 3.3 V power supply
  • 70 mA typical supply current (half-duplex mode)
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Built-in 60 dB dynamic range AGC and DC offset cancellation

  • Automatic meter reading
  • Building automation
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Home automation
  • Industrial automation
  • Lighting control
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Security systems/keyless entry
  • Sensor control and data acquisition
  • Smart grid

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