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Surface Mount Adapter Kits

Logical Systems' surface mount adapter kits, SMT to Through Hole

Logical Systems' Surface Mount Adapter KitsWhy change a PCB layout? Replace DIP devices with Surface Mount. Logical System's adapters provide an SMT land pattern on the top and a DIP plug on the bottom. These adapters are useful for development with new SMT devices by providing the functionality of the SMT device in an easy to work with DIP package.
  • Easy and accelerated prototyping
  • Avoid the pain of changing a PCB layout
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
309-1023-ND PA28S01-08-3 ADAPTER 28-SOIC TO 28-DIP Datasheet
309-1119-ND PA44QL8-1D ADAPTER 44QFP TO 44DIP
309-1100-ND PA-MSD3SM18-10 ADAPTER 10MSOP TO 10DIP 300MIL Datasheet
309-1118-ND PA-QLD6SM18-32F-88 ADAPTER 32QFN TO 32DIP Datasheet
309-1117-ND PA-QSD3SM18-16 ADAPTER 16QSOP TO 16DIP Datasheet
309-1116-ND PA-QSD3SM18-20 ADAPTER 20QSOP TO 20DIP
309-1098-ND PA-SOD3SM18-08 ADAPTER 8SOIC TO 8DIP 300MIL Datasheet
309-1121-ND PA-SOD3SM18-14 ADAPTER 14S0IC TO 14DIP 300MIL
309-1122-ND PA-SOD3SM18-16 ADAPTER 16SOIC TO 16DIP 300MIL
309-1123-ND PA-SOD3SM18-18 ADAPTER 18SOIC TO 18DIP 300MIL
309-1124-ND PA-SOD3SM18-20 ADAPTER 20SOIC TO 20DIP 300MIL
309-1125-ND PA-SOD3SM18-24 ADAPTER 24SOIC TO 24DIP 300MIL
309-1097-ND PA-SOD3SM18-28 ADAPTER 28SOIC TO 28DIP 300MIL
309-1126-ND PA-SOD6SM18-24 ADAPTER 24SOIC TO 24DIP 600MIL Datasheet
309-1127-ND PA-SOD6SM18-28 ADAPTER 28SOIC TO 28DIP 600MIL
309-1115-ND PA-SOD6SM18-32 ADAPTER 32SOIC TO 32DIP 600MIL
309-1114-ND PA-SOD6SM18-40 ADAPTER 40SOIC TO 40DIP 600MIL
309-1113-ND PA-SOD6SM18-44 ADAPTER 44SOIC TO 44DIP 600MIL
309-1099-ND PA-SOTD3SM18-06 ADAPTER 6SOIC TO 6DIP 300MIL Datasheet
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