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505 Series Ceramic Fuse

505 Series 500VAC/500VDC 6x32mm (3AB) Ceramic Fuse available at Digi-Key

The 505 Series from Littelfuse is the first 500VAC/VDC rated, ceramic fuse in the 6x32mm Littelfuse product family. It is an ideal circuit protection solution for high energy applications. In addition, the 505 series has high interrupting rating at both 500VAC and 500VDC which ensures the circuit is well protected under very high current short circuit conditions. 505 Series Ceramic Fuse

Features Applications
  • DC interrupting current
  • Provides fast response to faulty current
  • UL and CSA agency approval
  • Input of 3 phase Power Supplies
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Agency Approvals Datasheet
Agency Approvals 505 Series Datasheet

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
F3254-ND 0505010.MXP FUSE 450V 3AB FAST 10A F3254-ND Datasheet
F3256-ND 0505015.MXP FUSE 500V 3AB FAST 15A F3256-ND Datasheet
F3257-ND 0505016.MXP FUSE 500V 3AB FAST 16A F3257-ND Datasheet
F3258-ND 0505020.MXP FUSE 500V 3AB FAST 20A F3258-ND Datasheet
F3259-ND 0505025.MXP FUSE 500V 3AB FAST 25A F3259-ND Datasheet
F3260-ND 0505030.MXP FUSE 500V 3AB FAST 30A F3260-ND Datasheet
Axial Leaded
F3261-ND 0505010.MXEP FUSE 450V 3AB AXIAL FAST 10A F3261-ND Datasheet
F3263-ND 0505015.MXEP FUSE 500V 3AB AXIAL FAST 15A F3263-ND Datasheet
F3264-ND 0505016.MXEP FUSE 500V 3AB AXIAL FAST 16A F3264-ND Datasheet
F3265-ND 0505020.MXEP FUSE 500V 3AB AXIAL FAST 20A F3265-ND Datasheet
F3266-ND 0505025.MXEP FUSE 500V 3AB AXIAL FAST 25A F3266-ND Datasheet
F3267-ND 0505030.MXEP FUSE 500V 3AB AXIAL FAST 30A F3267-ND Datasheet