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LT3799 Isolated LED Controller

Linear Technology and Digi-Key introduce the LT3799 isolated LED controller

Linear Technology's LT3799 isolated LED controller with active power factor correction (PFC) is designed for driving LEDs. It is ideal for LED applications requiring 4 W to over 100 W of LED power and is compatible with standard TRIAC in-wall dimmers. The LT3799's unique current sensing scheme delivers a well regulated current to the secondary side without using an optocoupler, enabling it to provide well regulated (±5 percent) LED current. It also offers low harmonic distortion while delivering efficiencies as high as 85 percent. Open and short LED protections ensure long term reliability and a simple, compact solution footprint enables a wide range of applications. Linear Technology's LT3799

  • Small solution size with a minimum of external components
  • Isolated regulated current source for driving LEDs
  • Compatible with standard TRIAC in-wall dimmers
  • Regulates LED current (typically ±5%)
  • Active power factor correction > 0.97
  • Multiple CTRL inputs allow flexibility
  • Single-stage active PFC flyback topology without an optocoupler
  • Ideal for 4 W to 100+ W of LED power
  • Open- and shorted-LED protection
  • Low harmonic distortion

Product Training Module (PTM): LT3799 Offline Isolated Flyback LED Controller Product Training Module (PTM):
LT3799 Offline Isolated Flyback LED Controller

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