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Naos Raptor Series Non-Isolated
DC-DC Modules

Naos Raptor Series Power Module

GE Energy’s Naos Raptor Series for a broad range of board-mounted power applications

GE Energy's Naos Raptor power modules are non-isolated dc-dc converters that can deliver up to 60A of output current. These modules operate over a wide range of input voltage (Vin = 4.5Vdc - 14Vdc) and provide a precisely regulated output voltage from 0.59Vdc to 5/6Vdc, which is programmable via an external resistor. Features include remote On/Off control, adjustable output voltage, over-current (non-latching) and over-temperature protection.

The Naos Raptor modules leverage the extended height available in special applications to enable an exceptionally small footprint. These modules also offer the patent-pending Tunable Loop™ feature, which allows engineers to optimize the control loop to significantly improve transient response. When the control loop is optimized using the Tunable Loop feature on the NSR modules, load transient response can be improved up to five times (5X) using identical external capacitance.

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Features Applications
  • Tunable Loop™ to optimize dynamic output voltage response
  • Very high efficiency and superior thermal performance
  • Cost efficient open frame design
  • Output voltage programmable
  • Remote On/Off control
  • Output over-current protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • 12V and 5V intermediate bus architecture
  • Distributed power architectures
  • Data and enterprise networks
  • Broad range of board-mounted power applications

Specifications Physical Dimensions
  • Constant switching frequency: 333kHz / 500kHz / 600kHz
  • Operating input voltage: 4.5 - 13.8Vdc / 14Vdc
  • Operating ambient temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Storage temperature: -55°C to 125°C
  • 3A, 6A: 10.4mm x 16.5mm x 7.84mm
  • 10A: 10.4mm x 16.5mm x 6.84mm
  • 20A: 36.8mm x 15.5mm x 9.2mm
  • 40A: 36.8mm x 27.9mm x 10.7mm
  • 60A: 65.5mm x 31.8mm x 11.6mm

Available in Tape & Reel (2-ND), Cut-Tape (1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel®
Digi-Key Part Number Manufacturer Part Number Description  
555-1130-ND NSR003A0X4Z CONVERT DC-DC 0.59 6V @ 3A SIP Datasheet
555-1131-ND NSR006A0X4Z CONVERT DC-DC 0.59 6V @ 6A SIP Datasheet
555-1132-ND NSR010A0X4Z CONVERT DC-DC 0.59 6V @ 10A SIP Datasheet
555-1139-ND NSR020A0X43Z CONVERT DC-DC 0.59 6V @ 20A SIP Datasheet