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Tgard™ K52 Series

High thermal and dielectric performance insulator pad from Laird Thermal

Laird Thermal's Tgard™ K52s are a series of high thermal and dielectric performance insulator pads consisting of a ceramic filled phase change compound coated on MT Kapton film. Tgard K52 phase change coating all but eliminates contact thermal resistance. The phase change coating melts at 52°C and reduces the contact areas that contain air. Tgard K52-1 is ideal for applications requiring the best thermal performing insulator material. Tgard K52-2 has a great balance of thermal, dielectric, and cut through performance. Tgard K52-3 is a 3 mil MT Kapton film that provides the best crush and cut and tear resistance available with thermal properties that are still in the high performance category.

Tgard™ K52 Series
Features Applications
  • High breakdown voltage of 4,000–9,000 range VAC
  • Resistant to tears and cut through
  • Total thermal resistance of 0.13 - 0.30 range ºC-in²/watt at
    20 psi clip force
  • Audio amps
  • Power modules
  • Switching mode power supplies

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Datasheet
926-1157-ND A14692-30 TGARD K52-1,0505,A0 11X18" Datasheet
926-1158-ND A14692-31 TGARD K52-2,0505,A0 11X18"
926-1159-ND A14692-32 TGARD K52-3,0505,A0 11X18"