4M-Series MEMS Oscillators

IDT's 4M-series MEMS oscillators and XO replacements

IDT 4M-series MEMS Oscillators IDT's 4M-series MEMS oscillators are rapidly replacing legacy, quartz-based oscillators. By adopting standard semiconductor processes and high volume plastic packaging, IDT has significantly improved upon the lead-time and availability of oscillator procurement. Utilizing MEMS processing and fabrication, delivery concerns that have plagued the quartz industry for decades are no longer an issue. With full factory configurability, standard and custom frequencies, can now ship within one to two weeks of order placement.

IDT’s 4M-series MEMS oscillators offer an LVDS or LVPECL output with less than 1 ps of phase jitter and support frequencies up to 625 MHz. Driven by IDT’s patented pMEMS resonator technology, the MEMS oscillators can be rapidly factory-programmed to the desired output frequency without the need to fine-tune expensive crystals. By design, they are pin-to-pin compatible with traditional XOs with 40x the reliability than quartz, making them an ideal crystal oscillator (XO) upgrade replacement solution.

Target markets include networking, communications, industrial, high-end consumer, high-end storage, and military.

Features Applications
  • Short lead-times enable just-in-time inventory management and next-day sampling
  • Standard differential outputs: LVDS, LVPECL
  • Standard package sizes: 7.0 x 5.0 mm and 5.0 x 3.2 mm
  • Low phase jitter: < 1.0 ps (12 kHz to 20 MHz)
  • Frequency stability: ±50 ppm (-40 to 85˚C)
  • High reliability: 40x better reliability than quartz
  • Routers and switches
  • 10/40/100GB Ethernet
  • Robotic equipment
  • Industrial and multi-function printers
  • Flight simulators
  • Networked HDTV
  • SDI and video processing
  • Servers, data centers, and SAS controllers

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Part Number
Part Number
800-2704-ND 4-EVK-7A-12500LI BOARD EVAL FOR 4-SERIES -
800-2702-ND 4-EVK-7A-12500PI BOARD EVAL FOR 4-SERIES -
800-2703-ND 4-EVK-7A-31250LI BOARD EVAL FOR 4-SERIES -
800-2701-ND 4-EVK-7A-31250PI BOARD EVAL FOR 4-SERIES -
800-2705-2-ND 4MA100000Z3AACUGI8 OSCILLATOR MEMS 100MHZ 3.3V SMD 4MA100000Z3AACUGI8 Datasheet
800-2706-2-ND 4MA125000Z3AACUGI8 OSCILLATOR MEMS 125MHZ 3.3V SMD 4MA125000Z3AACUGI8 Datasheet
800-2707-2-ND 4MA133333Z3AACUGI8 OSC MEMS 133.333MHZ 3.3V SMD 4MA133333Z3AACUGI8 Datasheet
800-2708-2-ND 4MA150000Z3AACUGI8 OSCILLATOR MEMS 150MHZ 3.3V SMD 4MA150000Z3AACUGI8 Datasheet
800-2709-2-ND 4MA156250Z3AACUGI8 OSC MEMS 156.25MHZ 3.3V SMD 4MA156250Z3AACUGI8 Datasheet
800-2710-2-ND 4MA200000Z3AACUGI8 OSCILLATOR MEMS 200MHZ 3.3V SMD 4MA200000Z3AACUGI8 Datasheet