Low Cost Linear Discrete LED Drivers

LED driver family, BCR401, BCR402, BCR405 and New BCR450

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Infineon Technologies' linear-mode LED driver family, BCR401, BCR402, and BCR405, and newly introduced BCR450 provide efficient, low-cost constant-current solutions for LED strings from 10 mA to 65 mA (up to 700 mA with an external "boost" transistor). Our constant-current drivers keep light emission consistent over power supply and temperature variations, eliminate the effect of Vf variation, and help prevent thermal runaway in applications. We also offer low forward-voltage schottky diodes, including single-package reverse polarity protection diode arrays (RPP).

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Digi-Key Part Number Infineon Part Number Package Voltage - Supply Voltage -
Current -
BCR401RE6327INTR-ND BCR 401R E6327 SOT-143 9 V ~ 18 V 16V 11mA Datasheet Image
BCR401WE6327INTR-ND BCR401WE6327 SOT-343-4 18V 16V 60mA Datasheet Image
BCR402RE6327INTR-ND BCR 402R E6327 SOT-143 9 V ~ 18 V 16V 22mA Datasheet Image
BCR402UE6327INTR-ND BCR 402U E6327 SC-74 7.5 V ~ 40 V 38V 22mA Datasheet Image
BCR402WE6327INTR-ND BCR402WE6327 SOT-343-4 18V 16V 60mA Datasheet Image
BCR450INTR-ND BCR 450 E6327 6-TSOP 8 V ~ 27 V 27V 100mA Datasheet Image
Digi-Key Part Numbers:  TR-ND = Tape & Reel;  CT-ND = Cut Tape;  DKR-ND = Digi-Reel® (Custom Qty with Leader/Trailer)
  Constant current adjustable from 10 mA to 60 mA, up to 500 mW power dissipation
  Current range may be extended up to 700 mA with addition of external "boost" transistor (e.g., BCX68-16)
  Selection of 18V or 40V maximum rating across driver
  On/off feature enables PWM/FM modulation
  LED-circuit protection due to Negative-Temperature Coefficient (NTC)
  Channel lighting
  Advertising signage
  Home/office lighting (recess lamps, pendant lamps, etc.)
  Rope lighting/neon replacement
  Automotive (e.g., center high-mounted stop light "CHMSL")
  Efficient active current regulation, accuracy of IOUT at ±1%/V voltage variation
  Maintains consistent light emission across LED strings independent of VF, power supply, and temperature variation
  Enables using more LEDs in one branch due to low-voltage drop compared to resistor biasing schemes
  Eliminates problem of stocking multiple bias resistor values to match incoming LED VF bins