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FH43B Series Connectors

Hirose’s FH43B series features high-density FPC connectors with a 0.2 mm pitch, a 0.9 mm mounted height, and a mounting depth of just 2.77 mm

Hirose's FH43B series includes high-density FPC connectors. The series features a 0.2 mm pitch, a 0.9 mm mounted height, as well as a mounting depth of just 2.77 mm. The locking mechanism emits a clear, tactile click designed to prevent an incomplete lock. Metal fittings were added to reinforce the actuator, and to prevent breakage or detachment. The FH43B series utilizes Hirose’s side-catch technology. This provides excellent pull-force retention, and improved connection reliability. Hirose Electric Co., Ltd.'s FH43B Series

  • High-density FPC
  • 0.2 mm pitch
  • 0.9 mm height
  • 0.4 mm mounting-lead pitch
  • 2.77 mm mounting depth
  • Compatible with 0.2 mm (thick) FPC
  • Side-catcher technology provides improved connection reliability
  • Bottom contact point

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
H122004CT-ND FH43B-21S-0.2SHW(99) CONN FFC/FPC 21POS .2MM R/A SMD Datasheet
H122005CT-ND FH43B-25S-0.2SHW(99) CONN FFC/FPC 25POS .2MM R/A SMD
H122006CT-ND FH43B-29S-0.2SHW(99) CONN FFC/FPC 29POS .2MM R/A SMD
H122007CT-ND FH43B-35S-0.2SHW(99) CONN FFC/FPC 35POS .2MM R/A SMD
H122008CT-ND FH43B-41S-0.2SHW(99) CONN FFC/FPC 41POS .2MM R/A SMD
H122009CT-ND FH43B-51S-0.2SHW(99) CONN FFC/FPC 51POS .2MM R/A SMD
H122010CT-ND FH43B-61S-0.2SHW(99) CONN FFC/FPC 61POS .2MM R/A SMD
H122011CT-ND FH43B-71S-0.2SHW(99) CONN FFC/FPC 71POS .2MM R/A SMD
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Available in Tape & Reel (TR-ND), Cut Tape (CT-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (DKR-ND)