Hirose Electric Co., Ltd. Distributor

FH36 Series FPC Connectors

Hirose’s FH36 series is a 0.3 mm pitch FPC connector designed to save precious board space

Hirose’s FH36 series is a 0.3 mm pitch FPC connector designed to save precious board space. This series boasts a mounted height of just 1.0 mm, a mounting depth of 2.7 mm, and also features Hirose’s side-catcher design. The side catchers guide the FPC during insertion, provide extra stability by placing a temporary hold on the FPC, and help to create more retention force. The actuator was reinforced to create smoother operations and a reliable connection. Available in pin counts ranging from 11 to 61. Hirose Electric Co., Ltd.'s FH36 Series

  • 0.3 mm pitch
  • 1.0 mm mounted height
  • Side-catch technology
  • Halogen-free version - FH36W series
  • Compatible with 0.2 mm (thickness) FPC
  • User-friendly actuator operation
  • Soldering leads on the front and back of the connector
  • PCB space under the connector is available for patterning
  • Automatic placement capable

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
H121985CT-ND FH36-29S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 29POS 0.3MM SMD Datasheet
H121986CT-ND FH36-35S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 35POS 0.3MM SMD
H121987CT-ND FH36-45S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 45POS 0.3MM SMD
H121988CT-ND FH36W-11S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 11POS 0.3MM SMD
H121989CT-ND FH36W-15S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 15POS 0.3MM SMD
H121990CT-ND FH36W-17S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 17POS 0.3MM SMD
H121991CT-ND FH36W-19S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 19POS 0.3MM SMD
H121992CT-ND FH36W-23S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 23POS 0.3MM SMD
H121993CT-ND FH36W-25S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 25POS 0.3MM SMD
H121994CT-ND FH36W-27S-0.3SHW(99) NN FPC 27POS 0.3MM SMD
H121995CT-ND FH36W-31S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 31POS 0.3MM SMD
H121996CT-ND FH36W-33S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 33POS 0.3MM SMD
H121997CT-ND FH36W-39S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 39POS 0.3MM SMD
H121998CT-ND FH36W-51S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 51POS 0.3MM SMD
H121999CT-ND FH36W-61S-0.3SHW(99) CONN FPC 61POS 0.3MM SMD
Available in Tape & Reel (TR-ND), Cut Tape (CT-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (DKR-ND)